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pht 100 c104

chapter 10 part 4

the most sterile area to compound is the DCA (direct compounding area)
in the dca, must compound under the laminar airflow work bench
the clean room (separate from the rest of the pharm]) contains the buffer, staging, & direct compound area
long term storage in the clean room is not permitted
items that can be taken from the sterile compound to the dca are very specific items
the lafw is the laminar airflow workbench
the hepa's laf hood filters out particulate matter
compound sterile preps (csp) that are non-hazardous are done in the horizontal lafw
compound sterile preps (csp) that are hazardous (like chemo therapy drugs) are done in the verticle lafw
in the horizontal lafw; the air flows from the back of the hood, across the surface, & out to the room
the hepa removes 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger
the horizontal lafw is a special biological safety cabinet for iv drug admixtures, nutrition solutions, & other aspetic parentals
in the verticle hepa lawf; the air flows from the top of the hood, down through a prefilter and a hepa filter onto the work surface, & then ciculate through another hepa filter and vented outside
coughing & talking must be done in an area away from the hood & workbench
the lawf's have routine cleaning using 70% ipa daily
before entering the ante area (where the cleansing takes place) all outerwear must be removed
from the ante area to the buffer area, hand hygiene continues before glove wearing (sometimes double gloving is the last step)
the risk levels for contamination are low, medium, & high
steriles that were handled with aseptic teqniques are included in low level risks
medium risks include multiple sterile product combined using an automated device or transference from multiple sterile containers in 1 final container like tpn's with 3+ electrolytes/vitamins
all high risk csp's are sterilized with a 0.22 micron filter, autoclaving, or dry heat
to work in the clean room, extensive skills & training are needed
also to work in the clean room, written tests & skill assessments must be passed and additional certification may be required
the icc is the infection control committee
the icc (within the hospital) gives leadership with infection control policies
nosocomial infection is bacterial diseases passed in hospitals from any source to the patients and others
nosocomial infection is also called healthcare-associated infection
the icc also makes sure that the hospitals in compliance with the joint commision, the cdc, & the usp chpt. 797
the icc sets policies & plans, monitors, evaluates, updates, and educates nosocomial survaillance
healthcare workers are also treated and protected within healthcare settings
universal precautions are procedures followed to prevent infections in healthcare settings
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