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WKCE Math terms

equivalent Equal
common multiple A number divisible by two or more numbers without a remainder.
Least Common Multiple Smallest number that is divisible by two or more given numbers without a remainder
Protractor Instrument for drawing or measuring angles
composite Number A number that is divisible by some whole number other than 1 and itself
Quadrilaterals a plane figure having four sides and four angles
Vertices The point where two sides of an angle meet
axis an imaginary or real line that passes through an object
parallelogram a four-sided figure whose opposites sides are parallel and equal
ordered pair any two numbers written in a meaningful order
Coordinate numbers that define the position of a point, line, or plane.
Mean halfway between two extremes
Median the middle number of a sequence
Mode the number most occurring in a sequence
Congruent same size and shape
Probability the likelihood that event will occur
Perimeter the distance around the outside of a figure
Polygon a closed plane with three or more sides
Expanded form write out in greater detail
Equation a number sentence usually including an equal sign
Solve to find the missing number in an equation
Geometric has to do with the study of shapes, lines and points
Symmetry to have a design or shape that flips over a given line to make a new design
Line segment the distance between point A and point B
Ordered pairs two integers that provide the number of spaces and direction where a point will be located on a grid
Range the difference between the highest and lowest number.
Created by: Austin Memmer