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pht 100 c94

chapter 9 part 4

a joint commission is an independent, not for profit group that sets standards by which safety/quality of healthcare are measured & accredits hospitals according to these standards
the joint commission was called the joint commission on accreditation of health care organizations
joint commission on accreditation of health care organizations is also called the JCAHO
the jcaho sets & measures standards for quality & safety of healthcare
accreditation is a stamp of approval of the service quality of a hospital by the joint commission
the jcaho requires all hospital departments to have an up to date policy/procedure manuel
the jcaho performes random & unannounced inspections
the jcaho provides education & guidance to improve hospital's performance
the jcaho has nat'l quality improvement goals for select patient populations, like those that had heart attacks, heart failure, pneumonia, & surgical infections
a hospitals performance with these populations is compared with already accredited hospitals of similar size
almost half the jcaho standards relate to patient safety
for the pharm], the standards have comparing patient profile with subsequent medical orders
the pharm] standards also have improving medical use and drug infusion pumps safety
about 70% of hospital pharm]'s budget is spent on pharmaceuticals
budget planning and inventory mgmt are crucial
techs must fill out paperwork and return drugs to the wholesaler or credit on recalls
inventory mgmt involves purchasing, ordering, receiving, and restoring
for recalls techs must remove drugs from storage
most hospital pharm]s buy pharmaceuticals from the wholesaler
for recalls techs should identify the affected lot #.
the iv materials that hospital pharm]s buy are directly from manufacturers
in larger hospitals, inventory control pharmacists/techs develop specific purchasing criteria based on budget planning
investigational drugs must be kept secure
suppliers & manufacturers compete for the hospitals business through a confidential, sealed bid process
control substance needs a DEA form 222 to be used
it's important for techs to order pharmaceuticals, store, & receipt
controlled drugs have CSA that defines inventory, filing, & record keeping requirements
automation on the wholesaler's side is making inventory mgmt less costly & more accurate
once wholesale drugs are sent, techs should verify invoice, inspect shipment, store properly, & rotate shelf stock
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