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Health Physics

what property changes in a liquid-in-glass thermometer Volume of Liquid
what property changes in a digital thermometer resistance of thermometer
what property changes in a crystal strip thermometer crystals have different melting points
what property changes in a rotary thermometer different rates of expansion in bimetallic strip
what property changes in a thermocouple thermometer voltage produced
why use a clinical thermometer to measure body temperature because it has a smaller more accurate range
what is normal body temperature 37 degrees celsius
what does a person have if they are over 38 degrees celsius a fever
what does a person have if they are bellow 34 degrees celsius hypothermia
what is a stethoscope a device used to listen to sounds from within the body
what is ultrasound sound with a frequency above 20,000 Hz
what unit do we use to measure noise levels Decibels (dB)
what is the noise level of a normal conversation 60dB
what is sound caused by vibrations
what is refraction the change in speed of light as it passes one material to another
what is focal length the distance between a lens and the point where parallel rays of light are brought to a focus
what lens would you use for short sight concave lens
what lens would you use for long sight convex lens
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