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pht 100 c93

chapter 9 part 3

the iv admixture services in most hospitals share iv antibiotics, thrombolytics, nutrition, & cancer chemotherapy
the iv admixture services are staffed by specially trained pharmacists/techs
the iv admixture services are centralized pharm] services that prepares iv & tpn solution in a sterile, germ-free work environment
total parenteral nutrition service are in many hospitals
a tpn is a total parenteral nutrition service
tpn services have trained/certified techs, pharmacists, nurses, nutritionists & physicians
the tpn service is for patients who can't eat
the tpn is a special formulated parenteral solution with nutrients
in the tpn & iv admixtures, large hospitals use automation
the automation for tpn & iv admixtures allows pharm ] to efficiently operate, minimizes med errors, & reduces inventory
tech errors must be watched eventhough automation reduces errors
a med. administration record is the MAR
MAR's record any med. administration
MAR's are patient specific & includes med. orders, drug names, doses, administration routes & times, start & stop dates, and special instruction
the MAR is a form in the patient med. chart used by nurses
MAR's cam be electronic which is eMAR
med. orders are input in hand held computer & sent to pharm]s
patient info. is scanned from barcode on wristband
to units, pharm]s check, fills, & sends meds
eMAR documents patients administer drugs using barcode technology
many committees support functions of hospitals
pharm] hospital functions include pharm] & therapeutics, infection control, & institutional review board
a tech represents a department on the committees
the pharm] & the therapeutic committee reviews, approves, & revises hospital formularies & keeps drug use policies in hospital
the pharm] & therapeutic committee has medical staff , administrators, pharm] director, & drug info. pharmacist
a medical staff can apply to a P&T committee to have a new drug added to the formulary
the new drug is compared with the existing formulary in terms of costs, advantages, and advantages
the application is considered by the full committee
the institutional review board is a committee ensuring protection is provided to patients using investigational drugs; otherwise known as human use committee
the IRB is the institutional review board
the IRB is charged with ensuring patient safety interns of investigational drugs, procedures, or other clinical research studies
the IRB has consumer representatives & members of medicine, pharm], nursing, & hospital administration
investigational drugs are drugs used in clinical trials not yet approved by FDA for general use
the investigator/researcher submits an application to the IRB outlining study of number, age, & type of subjects & informed consent forms to be used
the IRB protects patients by assuming knowledge of risks & confidentiality of the medical information collected
informed consent is written permission by a patient to participate in an IRB approved research study to understand the lay public
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