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WWW list 13 all

www list 13 all 100

phyt plant
tude state of
meso middle
hemo blood
glyc sweet
form shape
leuk white
vac empty
patho disease
chrom color
ose sugar
phyll leaf
labor work
infra beneath
oligo few or small
sequ follow
mem remember
ultima last
myo muscle
phag eat
milli thousandth
lys break down
gress step
osis condition
phor carry
amphi both
pond weight
endo within
sangui blood
chron time
alter other
contra against
scope look
thermo heat
greg group
trans across
tang touch
dia across
urb city
ego I
fort strong
oid appearance
fy make
hexa six
co together
lith rock
theo god
iso equal
mort death
andro man
equi equal
anti against
inter between
intro into
mal bad
neo new
port carry
archy government
auto self
cede go
biblio book
cise cut
hydro water
hypo under
pseudo false
neuro nerve
poly many
omni all
fer carry
morph shape
mega large
ortho straight
phobia fear
bene good
meta change
dorm sleep
punct point
eu good
ver true
tetra four
geo earth
helio sun
demo people
ante before
luc light
liber free
pyro fire
acro high
cle small
osteo bone
ocul eye
nym name
voc voice
ous full of
A not
sci know
paleo old
crypt hidden
loqu talk
ab away
Created by: cindijoanwallace