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pht 100 c92

chapter 9 part 2

each patient on each care unit has a designated removable med. drawer
med. drawers are delivered to each patient care unit in a unit dose cart
a unit dose cart is a movable storage unit with individual patient drawers of med.s on a nursing unit
the only time unit doses can be returned to stock is if they're unopened
packaging costs more but unit doses save time and money
unit doses provide increased med. security, reduce errors, reduce nursing staff time, makes administration, charging, and crediting easier
unit dose orders are filled by an automated robotic system in large hospitals
a robotic arm pulls meds. transfering it to collection area
the robots are stocked by techs
pharm. staff sometimes must repackage meds to achieve unit dose
not all manufacturers prepare unit dose drugs
nonstandard doses are sometimes ordered
med. specials are also single dose prepared for a specific patient
single doses are labor intensive to prepare
preparing single doses are usually done by techs
a single dose prep that's not commercially available but made for patients are medication special
all repackages must have expiration dates and lot numbers
all repackages must be carfully labeled
the pharm] must legally record/document info on repackages in a repackaging control log
a repackage control log is a pharm] for repackages of unit doses containing the drug name, dose, quantity, manufacturer lot number, expiration dates, & pharmacists/techs initials
med. orders are regularly filled every 24 hrs. or less
the orders go in the database
in the database are created patient-specific unit dose profiles
a cart fill list has printouts of all unit dose profiles
a unit dose profile documents info needed to prepare unit doses
the unit dose profile has patient name and location, med. stength and frequency or administration schedule, quantity, manufacturer lot number, & quantity for order
a floor stock is med.s stocked in a secured area on each patient care unit.
floor stock is an inventory of frequently prescribed drugs store in patient care unit
floor stock uses automated delivery systems
the automated delivery system allows secure locked storage, frees nursing time, catches charges for dispensed med.s, & tracks med.s by typing drug, patient, and caregiver
floor stock is kept up by the pharm]
patient care units send reports requesting replacement inventory
techs inspect floor stock for expiration dates, excess inventory, & proper storage
med. storage fridges must not keep food
must lock all CII drugs
an audit trial is kept for each CII drug
in a CII drug administration records complete info is kept
a CII drug administration record is a manuel/electronic form on the patient care unit to account for each dose of each CII drug that a patient gets
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