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1st quarterly assesment

if two planes intersect, they will form a point false
what can a right triangle be? isoceles, and scalene
if a graph makes a U what is it called? quadratic
if a graph starts and curves up or down, what is it called? expotential
what is a graph that is straight up or down? linear
what is sociology? the study of human behavior in groups
what is perspective? patterns of peoples behavior
what is functionalism? society as an integrated whole
what is conflict perspective? looks at class, race, & gender issues
what is symbolic interaction? examines how group members have shared symbols
who is herbert spencer? he compared society to the human body
who is auguste compe? father of sociology
who is emile durheim he used statistics in research of society
who is jane addams american social reformer
who is max weber? "Put Yourself in someone else's shoes"
social dynamics? the study of social process.
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