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Math Topic Definitio

Grade 4

addends the numbers that are added together to find a sum
analog clock shows time by pointing to numbers on a face
area the number of square units needed to cover a region
array a way of displaying objects in rows and columns
Associative Property of Addition addends can be regrouped and the sum remains the same
Associative Property of Multiplication factors can be regrouped and the product remains the same
bargraph a graph using bars to show data
breaking apart mental math method used to rewrite a number as the sum of numbers to form an easier problem
centimeter (cm) a metric unit of length
common factor a factor that two or more numbers have in common
Commutative Property of Addition numbers can be added in any order and the sum remains the same
Commutative Property of Multiplication factors can be multiplied in any order and the product remains the same
cube a solid figure with six congruent squares as its surface
decimal point a dot used to separate ones from tenths in a number
denominator the number below the fraction bar in a fraction
denominator the total number of equal parts in all
Distributive Property breaking apart facts into two simpler problems
divide an operation to find the number in each group or the number of equal groups
dividend the number to be divided
divisor the number by which another number is divided
equation a number sentence that uses the equal sign to show that two expressions have the same value
equivalent numbers that name the same amount
equivalent fractions fractions that name the same region, part of a set, or part of a segment
expanded form a number written as the sum of the values of its digits
fact family a group of related facts using the same set of numbers
factors the numbers multiplied together to find a product
foot a customary unit of length
fraction a symbol used to name a part of a whole, a part of a set, a location on a number line, or a division of whole numbers
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