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Chapters 22, 26, 27 part 2 (codes)

Laparoscopic splenectomy 38120
Bone marrow biopsy by needle aspiration 38221
Biopsy of a lymph node by fine needle aspiration without image guidance 10021
The physician performs an extensive drainage of a lymph node abcess 38305
The physician removes the entire thyroid 60240
They physician resects an easily accessible arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in the infratentorial region of the brain 61684
Laminectomy for excision of intraspinal lesion, extradural, lumbar 63267
Destruction of infraorbital nerve with neurolytic agent 64600
Removal of a superficial foreign body in the external left eye 65205-LT
Bilateral repair of blepharoptosis with frontalis muscle technique 67901-50
Dx lumbar spinal puncture 62270
Otoplasty of RT ear with size reduction 69300-RT
Sclera lesion excision LT eye 65900-LT
Removal of impacted cerumen from both ears 69210
The physician performs a complete auxillary lymphadenectomy. 38745
Created by: Luluz