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www list 11 inclusiv

www list 11

andro man
nounce tell
fic make
sess sit
mob move
act to do
ag to do
gyn woman
pro forward
reg king
cant sing
gram write
log reason
surg rise
potent power
parl speak
rogat ask
bas low
sol alone
apo away
ann year
lum light
jus law
I plural
ultra beyond
ecto outer
dia across
luc light
greg group
medi middle
gyro turn
tetra four
geo earth
endo within
put think
dorm sleep
hypo under
trans across
extra beyond
luna moon
chron time
neo new
ortho straight
poly many
mal bad
miss send
anti against
demo people
bene good
gen origin
sacro holy
alt high
iso equal
paleo old
mort death
ped foot or child
curs run
uni one
muta change
fug flee
nat born
carn flesh
ethno race or culture
hexa six
hetero different
fid faith
fract break
lat side
lith rock
sens feel
gest carry
meta change
anim mind
numer number
pac peace
acr sharp
plu more
germ vital or related
tang touch
hyper over
cogn know
sur over
corp body
mega large
magn great
helio sun
necro death
tact touch
audi hear
proto first
mono one
ornith bird
centri center
equa equal
bio life
circum around
eu good
thermo heat
Created by: cindijoanwallace