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Which of the following forms at the highest grade of regional metamorphism? Schist
What major change occurs during metamorphism of limestone to marble? Calcite grains grow larger and increase in size.
____ forms by contact metamorphism of mudstones and shales Hornfels
____ coarse-grained, metamorphic rock with alternating bands or stringers of light and dark minerals Gneiss
Which one of the following is not likely to be genetically associated with impact of an asteroid or large meteorite? blueschists
Which of the following metamorphic rocks could be used to neutralize acidic mine waters? marble/limestone
What is the major source of heat for contact metamorphism? heat from a nearby magma body
Hornfels are metamorphic rocks produced at great depths and high temperatures associated with regional metamorphism. false
A graben is characterized by ____________. a hanging wall block that has moved down between two normal faults
A(n) ____________ fault has little or no vertical movements of the two blocks. strike slip
Which one of the following stress situations results in folding of flat-lying, sedimentary strata? horizontally directed; compressive stresses
A horst is ____________. an uplifted block bounded by two normal faults
Which of the following combinations should favor folding rather than faulting? high temperature and high confining pressure
The concept that rocks of the crust and upper mantle are floating in gravitational balance is known as ____________. isostasy
Three major factors involved in metamorphism are: elevated temperature, elevated pressure, and the chemical action of hot fluids
Which of the following statements concerning slate is not true? has abundant, coarse-grained mica
A syncline is ____________. a fold in which the strata dip toward the axis
Brittle deformation would be favored over plastic deformation in which of the following conditions? cooler temperatures
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