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revision of must_words1,3 and 4

abase to humble; to demean or humiliate someone
Abdicate to formally renounce a responsibility or high office; to give up; to resign
acquiesce to agree by not objecting; to consent passively
acrimonious characterized by sharpness or bitterness of speech; mean spirited
affable easy to approach; accessible; polite; gracious
Aggrieved wronged; offended; troubled; distressed
Anthology a collection of choice or representative literary extracts
Assent to respond affirmatively; agree; go along with; consent
assimilate to take in and incorporate as one's own; to absorb
atone to make up for past failings or wrong doings
Augment to enlarge in size or extent; intensify
austere severely simple; unadorned
autocratic holding absolute power; dictator like; domineering
aversion intense and definite dislike; disgust
banal common place; trivial; trite
blasé warily or board with life; indifferent; unimpressed
Bolster to prop or reinforce; support
caper a wild prank; an antic
caprice a sudden change of mind or action without or apparent motive or will
censure expression of disapproval or blame; to condemn; to criticize
Cleft divided; split; a crack
Coalesce to come together on one; unite; blend
conducive contributive; helpful; favorable
confound to confuse; amaze; bewilder; to puzzle
Conjecture a conclusion based on incomplete evidence; a guess; to surmise
copious plentiful; abundant
Corroborate to confirm or increase in certainty; verify; support
culpable blameworthy; accountable for error or wrongdoing
Debilitate to make feeble or weak
defile to pollute; contaminate or make dirty
Detriment that which causes damage or disadvantage; loss; harm
disconcert to disturb the composure of; agitate; disrupt
Discreet careful in speech and conduct; tactful; judicious
Divulge to make known; disclose; reveal
drivel something said in foolish manner; idle silly talk; nonsense
effectual effective; capable of producing desired results
emaciated so thin as to look ill; starved
Emphatic spoken or done with emphasis; forcibly expressive; insistence
Encumber to hinder in action or motion; burden; weight down
ensue to follow as a consequence; to come afterward
Envoy any one entrusted with a mission; a representative; an agent
Equity fairness or impartiality; justice; honesty
Espouse to adopt; advocate or to promote as a cause
extricate to set free; release; disentangle
facile skillful; quick; finding a task easy
Fastidious attentive to details; hard to please.
flagrant openly disgraceful or wicked; outrageous
furtive secretive in behavior; sly; sneaky; shifty
haughty proud; arrogant; showing contempt for others
Hew to chop; to cut or shape with a sharp edge tools
Imbibe to drink; to absorb
imminent about to happen; likely to happen without a delay; impending or threatening
Impart to make known; disclose or to give
imperturbable not capable of being disturbed or agitated; calm
impetus any motivating force; stimulus; incentive
Incantation uttering of words or syllables supposed to produce magical results ; magic chants
incumbent necessary; required; obligatory
inordinate exceeding proper limits; overdone; extreme
insolvent bankrupt; unable to one's debts
intractable unmanageable; unruly; stubborn
latent not developed or active; not apparent; dormant
malign to speak evil of; to defame; to slender
manifest evident; obvious; plain to see
opulent wealthy; rich; affluent
overt obvious; unconcealed; open to view
Parochial restricted in scope; narrow; local
penchant A strong liking or inclination for something
picayune unimportant; trifling; petty
Plebian of the common people; coarse; vulgar
plunder to rob a person or place by force or by fraud
prelusory introductory
prognosis any prediction or forecast
Prolific producing abundantly; fruitful; fertile
Punitive involving or inflicting punishment
Quibbling to raise unnecessary or trivial objections; arguing
Recapitulate to review briefly; sum up
reprove to express disapproval of; censure; upbraid
respite interval of relief as from trouble, pain or the like; a pause; a rest
Reticent not inclined to talk about one's thoughts; quite; reserved
scathing bitterly severe or critical; biting
Scrupulous cautious in action because of wish to do right; careful; exact
Spurn to reject with scorn; snub; decline
subterfuge a maneuver to hide something; false excuse; deception
sumptuous showing lavish expenditure; luxurious; magnificent
throttle to silence, stop or suppress as by chocking
trite worn out; common place; stale
unwieldy difficult to move or manage because of size, shape or weight; awkward; clumsy
vacillate to waver in mind or opinion; to be unsure
Created by: rockgird
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