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Anders Gedacht 3


sich anpassen to adapt
anwerben to recruit
sich assimilieren to assimilate
auswandern to emigrate
bestehen to pass
durchfallen to have no success, fail, flunk
einwandern to immigrate
immigrieren to immigrate
sich integrieren to integrate
zurüchkehren to come back, return
die Arbeitskraft workforce
die Assimilation assimilation
der Aufschwung upswing, improvement of a situation
der Ausländer foreigner, alien
die Ausländerfeindlichkeit xenophobia, negative feelings and aggression toward foreigners
die Bemerkung remark, comment
die Einbürgerung naturalization, the act of becoming a citizen of a country
die Einwanderung immigration
die Einwanderungsland a country to which many people immigrate
der Gastarbeiter guest worker; a person who is invited from a foreign country to work
das Gesetz law
die Heimat homeland, region where s.o. was born or feels at home
die Immigration immigration
die Integration integration
die Konjunktur economic cycle, economic situation of a country
der Pass passport
die Staatsangehörigkeit citizenship, nationality
der Staatsbürger citizen (of a country)
die Staatsbürgerschaft citizenship, nationality
das Vorurteil prejudice, bias
das Wirtschaftswunder economic miracle, the rapid rebuilding and development of the West German economy after WWII
ausländerfeindlich xenophobic having negative feelings toward foreigners
fremd foreign; strange
multikullturell multicultural
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