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Chapters 17,28

When using an unlisted code a(n)____ must accompany the claim. special report
What would the surgical package include? preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative services
Local anesthesia is defined in the CPT guidelines as: local infiltration, metacarpal/digital block, or topical anesthesia
The usual global surgery period for a major procedure is: 90 days
This information is placed after some codes in the CPT manual and contains helpful information. parenthetical information
What code is used to report routine postoperative care? 99024
Excision including simple closure of benign lesions of the skin includes this type of anesthesia: local
What are the divisions of the Surgery section based on? body sections
The CPT code that is used to report materials and supplies by the physician for which no other more specific CPT code exists is 99070
When the words "separate procedure" appear after the descriptor of a code, you know which of the following about that code? The procedure was a minor procedure that would only be reported if it was the only service provided
A triangle before a code indicates that the code description is or has been: revised
What represents the contents of a surgical package? pre-operative, intraoperative and post operative services plus need to take from book.
The correct code for an unlisted procedure for the breast is: 19499
The modifier reported when a physician component is reported separately is: -26
A ____ procedure is one that is performed independently of, and not immediately related to, another service. separate
The divisions of the Radiation Oncology section of the CPT manual are divided into subsections based on what? the type of service
What is the standard measure of energy in radiation treatment? Million Electron Volts (MeV)
What is the modifier used to identify the technical component of a radiologic procedure? -TC
What are the radioisotopes that attach themselves to red blood cells called? tracer
What is the name of the high-frequency sound waves in an imaging process that is used to diagnose a patient illness? ultrasound
Radiation oncology codes include normal follow-up care during the course of treatment and ____ following its completion. includes 3-month global period
The procedure is a percutaneous transhepatic dilation of biliary duct stricture with our without placement of a stent. How would the radiological supervision and interpretation be coded? 74363
Radiologic examination, nasal bones, complete, minimum of three views 70160
A cardiac magnetic resonance imaging for morphology and function without contrast. 75557
Bilateral diagnostic mammography for a patient whose previous screening mammogram showed areas of suspicious infiltrate. 77056
Supervision and interpretation of a hystersalpingography. 74740
Transvaginal ultrasound of a pregnant uterus using real-time image documentation. 76817
Five MeV of radiation treatment delivery to a single area. 77402
X-rays, two views per side, mastoids. 70120
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