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Inseparable verbs

RHS Inseparable verbs: get used to the meaning of common prefixes

bedecken to cover
bekleiden to clothe
belichten to expose (photo)
beraten to advise
beherrschen to master, rule
besteigen to climb
beschreiben to describe
betreten to enter
befreien to free, liberate
berichtigen to rectify, correct
bereichern to enrich
bestärken to strengthen
bezweifeln to doubt
beruhigen to calm
befreunden to befriend
begraben to bury
belustigen to amuse
besorgen to obtain
bezahlen to pay for
beurteilen to judge
entfliehen to escape
entführen to abduct
entfernen to remove
entwerten to devalue
entmutigen to discourage
entwurzeln to uproot
entspringen to rise (rivers)
entstehen to arise
entbrennen to catch fire
entsalzen to desalinate
entlasten to unburden
entkommen to excape
entreißen to tear away
entlassen to dismiss, fire
entkernen to stone (fruit)
erwachen to awaken
erschießen to shoot dead
ertrinken to drown
erfinden to invent
erforschen to explore
erfrieren to freeze to death
erblinden to go blind
ergänzen to complete
erhöhen to raise
erliegen to succumb to
erarbeiten to acquire by working
erkennen to recognise
ermüden to tire
erleichtern to make easy
verlängern to lengthen
vermehren to increase, breed
vergrößern to enlarge
verbessern to correct
verführen to lead astray
verkaufen to sell
verlegen to misplace
verachten to despise
verbrauchen to consume
verhungern to die of hunger
verzweifeln to despair
verreisen to go away, journey
verstaatlichen to nationalise
verdünnen to dilute
vermieten to rent, hire out
verträumen to dream away
verstecken to hide
verlernen to forget
sich verlaufen to get lost
vernichten to destroy
zerstören to destroy
zertrümmern to demolish, wreck
zerreißen to tear up
zertreten to crush underfoot
zerkochen to spoil (overcook)
zerkleinern to reduce to small pieces
zerschneiden to shred
zersetzen to decompose
misshandeln to illtreat
missachten to ignore
misslingen to fail
missbrauchen to misuse
misfallen to displease
missdeuten to misinterpret
misstrauen to mistrust
missglücken to fail
missbilligen to disapprove
Created by: tranted