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Artistic Gymnastics


two horizontal bars set at different heights uneven bars
a padded sprung beam, 125 cm (4') high, 500 cm (16') long, and 10 cm (4.5") wide balance beam
an apparatus common to both men's and women's competition vault
a carpeted 12m × 12m square, usually consisting of hard foam over a layer of plywood, supported by springs or foam blocks spring floor
a choreographed performance 70 to 90 seconds long accompanied by instrumental music floor exercise
any world-class/elite gymnast who is age-eligible under FIG rules senior
any gymnast who competes at a world-class/elite level, but is too young to be classified as a senior junior
one of the most popular events at the Summer Olympics artistic gymnastics
a maneuver where a gymnast completes a full rotation in the air without touching the apparatus. aerial
A pose on one leg with the other leg extended behind the body, which is lowered from the hips to form a graceful curve arabesque
A move that begins with taking off from one or two feet, then jumping backward onto the hands and landing on the feet. back flip
a sideways acrobatic roll with the arms and legs extended cartwheel
a movement of the feet which gives the impression of one foot chasing the other, often used as a lead-up to a leap. chassé
to leave an apparatus at the end of a routine, usually done with a difficult twist or salto. dismount
A single move that has a recognised way of performance and technical value. element
A linking move involving a spring off the hands, performed by placing the weight on the arms and pushing strongly from the shoulders, which can go forward or backward. handspring
a move from a position below an apparatus to a position above it. kip
to leave the bar to perform a move before grasping it again. release
a flip or somersault where a gymnast rotates around the axis of the hips. salto
a position where the knees and hips are bent and drawn into the chest, with the body folded at the waist. tuck
Created by: Mrs.Ryan
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