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pht 100

chapter 7 part 3

rx containers returned by patient can't be returned to stock regardless of condition
the csa (controlled substance act) defines receiving & purchasing procedures & states the requirements for inventory & records
C3-5 drugs can be ordered by techs in most pharm]s
pharmacists verifies drug receipts for C3-5 drugs
C2 drugs are delivered in a special sealed tote
to verify C2 contents, the pharmacist breaks the seal & stores drugs & receipts
C2 drugs need special perpetual inventory system
the perpetual inventory records is a unit by unit accountability needed for C2 inventory records
C2 drug purchases must be authorized by pharmacist & recorded on DEA 222 form
records must be kepts separate & readily available for inspection
pharm]s have $150-300 thousand in inventory on shelves
excessive inventory is a cost to the pharm]
excessive inventory hinders cash flow, increases expiration waste, & increases theft risks
techs should take periodic physical inventory
periodic inventory helps determine average inventory & turn over rate
periodic inventory makes adjustments in stock levels
sealed bottles get full credit in inventory where as opened bottles are perceived as half-full
every 2 yrs., the DEA requires complete controlled drug inventory
controlled rx records must be kept for at least 2 yrs.
controlled rx disposal should be recorded, witnessed, & signed by a pharmacist
techs can ensure pharm] profitability
techs use math for markups, discounts, & average wholesale prices
average wholesale price is AWP
a profit is the amount of received revenue that surpasses a sold products expenses
a markup is also gross profit making the difference between the buying & selling prices
the pharm]s buy products at one price & sells them at higher prices
the figure between the buy & sell price of products is gross profit or markup
formula is the selling price minus the buying price which equals a markup
rx pricing is subject to competition & gov't regulation
the wholesaler offers an item to the pharm] at a lower price which is called a reduction
the reduction is sometimes passed to the consumer
the reduction is sometimes used to help offset expenses
the formula is the purchase price multiplied by the discount rate which equals the discount/reduction price
the average wholesaler price is the average price the wholesaler charges the pharm]
hmo's & insurance companies reimburse pharm]s based on the AWP's
pharm]s have an incentive to buy drugs at prices under the AWP as possible
the average wholesale price is the price average for which the wholesalers charge a pharm] for a drug
health insurance covers incurred medical costs
most patients have private company medical/drug insurance coverage
healthcare & insurance cost is rising higher than inflation
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