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pht 100

chapter 6 part 4

techs don't counsel
techs must legally offer patients counseling from pharmacists
the info on med bottle labels depend on laws/regulations of each state
med label info has rx filled date, rx serial no., pharm] name & address, drug manufacturer, drug expiration date, etc.
auxiliary labels are supplementary & added to a med bottle for additional directions
auxillary labels are usually restricted to the pharmacists professional judgement
patient info sheets are leaflet printed from the rx software containing info
techs may use the patient info sheet hard copy to get & fill the right drug
patient med guides are for high risk drugs & must be given to patients
a "black box" warning tells users about potential hazards or proper med use with special dose forms
legally pharmacists must check all rx's before dispensing them
the pharmacist reviews the original rx orders
the pharmacist compares the original rx with the patient profile
the pharmacist confirms the info sheet print
the pharmacist confirms that the selected drug is right
the pharmacist checks the accuracy of the med label bottle
the pharmacist initials the bottle label &/or the original rx
the pharmacist assumes the legal responsibility for accuracy
an extra computer copy of med bottle labels is affixed on the back of the origingal new rx by either pharmacist/tech
original rx hard copies are numerically filled
if there is a partial fill or manufacturer change, the tech must tell the patient
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