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pht 100

chapter 6 part 3

dur's are documented
C2 drugs can be dispersed through stock
C2 drug access is limited to pharmacist
expiration dates are always checked
medication selection & preps has storage & handling, expiration & lot no., package size, NDC, brand, generic, dosage form, strength per unit, legend labels, & manufacturers
only base product by ndc not by sight
the 3 times to check drugs is when pulling bottles, preparing, returning
automated pill counting machines minimize human error & facilitate pill counting
clean pill counting equipment to avoid sulfa, penecillin, & aspirin dust
sometimes drugs are dispensed in it's delivery packages like cough syrup, z-pak, b.c. pills, ointment tubes, etc.,
units of use are fixed dose unit numbers in a drug stock container (usually in 30 day supply)
b.c. pills, topicals, & eye/ear drops are often dispensed as one dose a day
many insurances reimburse 1 month supplies
sometimes filling rx's involve getting a multi-dose bottle of premixed drugs
sometimes filling rx's also involve measuring quantity & putting drugs in labeled bottle
most pharm]s have limited drugs or unable to complete filling a rx
OOS means out of stock
OOS drugs are ordered from a drug wholesaler
OOS options are the patient taking rx's elsewhere, borrowing drugs from other pharm]s, & ordering drugs
partial fills hold patients rx schedules until the rest of the drug arrives
insufficient inventory in pharm]s prevent completely filling rx's
partial fills are a 2-5 day supply
must give patient sufficient info on how to take the drug right
med container labels & patient info sheets are how the written info is delivered
affixed to the drug bottle are the directions
techs can use hard copy to get the right bottle to fill
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