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pht 100

chapter 7 part 2

large pharm]s have scannable rx's
customers will be charged for bounced check fees
flex spending cards are medical credit cards for rx co-pays
a credit card is a digital/on-line loan like payment paid either monthly or partially with added financial charges
a debit card is payments maid directly from bank account
techs are responsible for reconciling receipts at the day's end
a techs good public relation skills are to be most accessible of the pharm] because they're the last to be in contact with the customer
an adequate drug stock is necessary for avoiding customer inconvenience
inventory is the entire product stock on hand for sale on a given day
important issues regarding inventory management involve how much inventory to keep track, what inventory levels to adjust, & where to store it
techs have to restock, label shelves properly, locate stock, set inventory border levels, rotate stock, & checking expiration dates for inventory maintenance
independent purchases are carried out by pharmacists who deal directly with wholesalers
the 3 primary prchasing methods are wholesale, just-in time, & prime vendor purchasig
wholesale purchasing is when pharm] share a single source for all products
wholesale purchasing is an advantage by reducing turnaround time, being lower in inventory, & convenience
disadvantages in wholesale purchasing are higher purchasing costs, occasional supply shortages, & some drugs may be unavailable
just in time purchases are frequent purchases in quantities that are just barely meeting supply needs til the next order
JIT is just in time
JIT advantages are reductions in inventory & the dollars commited to it
JIT disadvantages are that the supplies must be ready readily available & meds must be accurately predicted
prime vendor purchasing gives an exclusive aggreement made by pharm]s for a specified %age or dollar volume of a purchase, offers lower acquisition costs, & more common in hospital pharm]s
in wholesale purchasing, drugs & supplies are ordered from a local vendor who delivers them daily
techs will grow good sense of how fast drugs stocks are depleted
inventory records based on usage & seasonal patterns can help with purchasing
some pharm]s have software to automate drug ordering
techs also have to order rx ontainers, rx lables, info sheet paper, & measuring devices
the process of receiving stock starts with physical delivery
products delivered are checked comparing with oder or requisition
invoices can be signed by techs as well as pharmacists
controlled drugs have separate invoices
posting is reconcilling ivoices & updating inventory
techs handle drug returns due to overstock, expiration, recalls, reformulated drugs, new packaging, & discontinues
rx refunds from consumers can't be returned to stock
to pharm] policy, returned drugs shouldn't be disposed of
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