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Psychiatic diagnostic interview examination includes : all the above
If an established patient is given an immunization during an office visit and the only service provided was the immunization , what type of code would you use to report services a medicine section immunization code and an administration code
what word is used to describe the pushing of liquid into the body over a long period of time infusion
what must always be documented in the patients record and is the major billing factor for recording codes in osychiatric subsection time
out patient dialysis services are usually reported on this basis montly
What is the name of the process that routes the blood including waste products outside the body through a filters hemodialysis
What is the name of the dialysis that involves using a body cavity as a filter peritoneal
what is the name of the procedure that is preformed to assess the intraocular pressure of the eye tomometry
the cardiovascular subsection contains many diagnostic/therapeutic procedures and services that are primarily divided as to whether the procedures or services are invasive or: non invasive
What is being measured while the sleep test is being conducted parameters
what does the abbreviation EMG stand ford electromyographic
on what basis are the dermatology codes usually used by the dermatologist who see patients in the office Consultation
level 11 national codes are not used in which settings inpatient
Which of the following would be used to code drugs J codes
codes 90951-90962 are reported ______ to distinguish age-specific services related to the patients end -stage renal disease preformed in an outpatient setting depending on the number of visits once per month
an intermediate visiual field examination Humphrey supra-threshold automatic diagnostic test 92082
a routine ECG with 12 leads, tracing only was preformed 93005
When doing osteopathic manipulative treatment,which of these body regions is not included in the regions listed within the CPT manual caudal
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