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chapter 7 part1

pht 100

the fda approves & regulates otc that has been proven to be safe & effective
increased cost & inconvenience of Dr. visits have made otc drugs popular
lack of insurance has made otc drugs popular
otc drugs increased the rx med costs
most otc drugs should be used for a week or less
accurate & effectivness of product labeling is necessitated for self-medicating
C5 drugs have a low abuse potential and are available w/out rx in some states
C5 drugs are mostly sold to those 18 & older from behind the counter
to sell C5 drugs in some states rx's need to be signed
in relation to C5 drugs, techs must follow laws for the state they're practing in
the fda discourages otc cough/cold meds for underaged patients
in some states, the plan b b.c. pills have been sold w/out rx to those 18+
plan b customers must be counceled
the fda can pull supplements but they can't regulate them
examples of supplements are glucosamine/chondroitin, melatonin, policosanol, omega 3, saw palmelto, etc.
supplement label info is limited compared to those of otc drugs
pharmacists can direct techs to counsel customers on supplements
durable medical equipment is DME like hopital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.
dme's may be covered by medicare part b insurance
hospital office visits are covered by medicare part a
office visits are covered by medicare part b
pharm]s may have policies preventing syringe diversions to illegal drugs
syringe sizes come in 0.3mL, 0.5mL, & 1mL
needle lengths come in 1/2 in., 5/16 in., & 1/4in.
needle widths are between 29 & 31 gauge
patients using syringes should buy sharp containers
many pharm]s offer to dispose used syringes properly
test strips can be expensive & the exp. dates should be checked
diabetic supplies are sometimes covered by medicare part b & other insurances
the diabetic are of service has special training & certifications
medical necessity certificate is a form to be completed by the prescriber to cover diabetic supplies
techs can assist customers in chosing testing kits & other medical supplies
pharm] computer software must be learned on the job because they are pharm] specified
pharm] keyboard skills require 30 wpm minimum
smart pharm] terminals have their own storage & processing abilities
large drug chains have "dumb" terminals that are connected to a remote mainframe
smart terminals have storage & processing capabilities
dumb terminals lack smart terminal capabilities but have a keyboard & monitor
remote computers are minicomputers
remote computers have a mainframe that stores & processes data sent from a dumb terminal
DBMS is a database management system
a dbms contains a patient's profile, physicians databases, & drug inventories
pharm] computer systems automate drug use review warnings
a dbms has applications that allow someone to enter, retrieve, & querey records
many pharm] databases warn about drug interactions & drug allergies
(cash) register management procedures can vary in pharm]s
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