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chapter 6 part 2

pht 100

pr means by rectum
u for units can be confused with zero or microorganisms
a rx not yet due is another type of rx
the tech forwards the refill request for the pharmacist review & approval
the pharmacists varifies the rx accuracy & submits it to writing for data entry
in some states, only the pharmacists can transfer or copy a rx to/from another pharmacy
the tech enters transfered a rx after transcribed by the pharmacists
a transfered rx contains orig. rph name, 1st fill, last fill, orig. date, orig. quantity, orig. refills, refills remaining, prescriber info., MD DEA, pharm] DEA (if controlled med) , & pharmacist's initials
held rx's are stored in a file box until the right time to fill
in most states, C2 rx's can't be held or post dated
emergency rx's made over the phone are for no more than 3 days
a controlled sustance administration is to be immediate for proper treament
the pharmacists immediately converts an oral order in writing
the pharmacists documents the need for the emergency dispensing of a C2 rx
good faith efforts are made by the pharm] to verify prescriber authenticity
within 7 days (3 in some states), prescribers must deliver written versions of emergency oral orders to the pharm] with "authorization for emergency dispensing" written on face
on C2 rx's forgery can be hard to spot
reviews of C2 drugs shouldn't be rushed
for discrepancy, the prescriber must be reached
forgery indications are misspelling, C2 refills, emergency rx's written for more than 7 days, cut & paste, 2nd or 3rd rx added to 1 written, multiple hand writting styles, & multiple rx's given but only C1-4 rx requested by patient
other forgery indications are different signature, DEA missing or invalid, turned in by non-patient, & written by out of state practitioner
when in doubt of person calling in rx refill or pickup, must call patient for authenticity of requests
patients may get C2-4 rx's from multiple prescribers & requesting early refills
tamper proof rx paper may be used for C2 rx's
the pharmacists must determine reason for issuing rx from prescriber if rx seems suspicious
in some states, prescribers can write post-dated C2 rx's
C3 & 4 rx's can have 5 refills within a 6 mos. time period after new rx is required
refills for controlled drugs not written for 1-2 days before customer's supply runs out
insurances may only cover 30 days supply
a PA is needed for a prescriber to explain a patient's drug use to insurance
PA for insurance drug coverage is prior authorization
software can't compare a new rx with a past rx to prompt review
DUR requires closer review of profile & an override from pharmacist
DUR is needed if there's an interaction of past meds, allergy, a duplication of past drugs, too high/low doses, not indicated in certain patients or used with caution
Created by: wildap