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chapter 6 part 1

pht 100

customer servivce & convenience matters in a community pharm]
many near simultaneous tasks with focused care & attention to detail are done by a tech in a community pharm]
a prescription is medication order written by a licensed practitioner
the 1st critical path of a new rx starts with a receipt of a rx
the last critical path of a new rx ends with dispensing it to the patient
the critical path of a new rx takes about 5-10 minutes
another critical path of a new rx has many phases that are completed by the tech
1st the tech checks the rx for completion & authenticity
2nd the tech verifies that the patient info is in the database
if the patient info's not the database, the tech gets needed demographic, insurance, allergy, & health info from the patient to enter
4th the info is entered & the rx is calculated & billed
5th the pharmacist checks it's accuracy generates the medication container label
6th the tech asks the pharmacist to check the DUR for interactions
7th the pills and liquid are counted and measured
the scheduled pills are counted twice
8th packaging is done for the rx
9th the rx vial is labeled
in some states the pharmacist has to label the rx
10th all the re accesories are collected for the pharmacist to verify
11th the pharmacists checks initials the rx
12th the vials are bagged with an info sheet of indications, interactions, & side effects
13th the tech put the stock bottles back marking the opened bottles of partial drugs left
14th the rx bag is sold to the patient where the inquiry is the DOB and for scheduled rx's need ID
15th for pickup, the patient signs
good customer service makes the patient return
chains may nat'ly share the profile of pateints which lists their drugs & demographic info
the patient profile has indentity info, insurance info, med. allergy info, drug history, rx reference, & a HIPAA confidentiality statement.
new patients must give their info with their rx
patients must be reached for info if the rx is phoned in
profile must be verified if the profile name already exist
a hard copy form may be filled out for a new profile
techs may talk to patients for information
what's really important to enter into a profile is drug allergies &/or interaction experiences
all patients must be asked about antibiotic allergies
pateints who didn't used to be allergic to antibiotics may become so later in life
some foods like eggs, peanuts, gluten (wheat), dyes, & soy may cross-react with meds
the computer software will warn about drugs being entered
physiological disorders can be manifested with allergies
a rx contains presciber info, date written, partient info, rx info, inscription, subscription, signa, additional signa, & signature
an inscription is the drug name & strength
the subscription is how to administer the drug
the signa is the directions plus refills
e-prescribing is emailed rx's
q s means quantity sufficient
a c means before meals
p c means after meals
Created by: wildap