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Chem H U2: Atom. T.

Quantum Mechanics Hw As you move along the electromagnetic spectrum from gamma rays to radio waves, what happens to each of the following? Speed, Energy, Wavelength, Frequency Speed: Remains a constant, Energy: decreases, Wave Length: increases, Frequency: decreases
Quantum Mechanics Hw Why do patients receiving X rays have to wear a protective belt, but someone can listen to the radio bombarding radio waves without being harmed? X Rays have a short wavelength and therefore high frequency/energy greater than the threshold needed to pierce human tissue and irradiate inner organs,therefore they wear protection with lead that has a high frequency threshold, Radio w low freq/en cant p
Quantum Mechanics Hw Night-vision goggles allow visibility at night (warm objects give off infrared in cold environments). What do the goggles do to the infrared photons passing through them? Electronic Night goggles have a array of sensors that detect & absorb infrared light,the sensors data is registered via electrical energy and displayed as visible light on the inside of the goggles
Quantum Mechanics Hw Most LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) on electronic equipment emit red light. Briefly explain why this color choice can be seen as efficient. Red light has a low frequency, therefore the photons energy level is lower than that of different visible colors such as blue, thus it is more efficient because it uses less electricity than higher freq. LEDs
Quantum Mechanics Text
Quantum Mechanics Vocab
Quantum Mechanics Hw What do all forms of electromagnetic energy have in common? Think of at least three examples. All travel at speed of light (c = 3.00x10^8)in vacuum,they are all traversal waves (move side & side, longitudinal waves back and forth ex sound), wave motion is repetitive for spec. energy, determined by Wavelength and Frequency
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