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Chemistry Ch 12-14

Ch 12-14 review

A 22yr old woman whose last menstrual cycle was 5 weeks ago was in the clinic reporting intense pain in the lower left quadrant of her abdomen. It was too early to get an accurate ultrasound image, so serum hCG values were obtained 48hrs apart. Ectopic pregnancy
A 31yr old woman in her 1st pregnancy experiences cramping pain & some mild bleeding @ 9wks since the last period. The hCG was found to be below the reference and declining over 48hr time. Spontaneous abortion/miscarriage
A young woman is in an auto accident & will need to have x-rays of her spine & possible surgery. The best test to rule out early PG before surgery is with: Quantitative hCG
Luteinizing hormone, produced by the ___, is an important reproductive glycoprotein hormone Anterior Portion of the pituitary gland
Ovulation, as stimulated by the reproductive hormones, is the process of: Maturation of folical & release of oocytes
The main role of luteinizing hormone in female reproduction is: Stimulate corpus ledium to produce progesterone
Hemolytic disease of the newborn may be caused by: An incompatibility between the blood groups of mom & fetus
The Rh-negative mother's blood is positive for Rh(D) antibody. Ultrasound imaging shows spleen enlargement & fluid buildup in fetal tissues. What is the next step in assessing fetal well-being Amniocentesis to test for bilirubin
One lab indication of mature fetal lungs is: Lecithin-to-sphingomyelin ratio (L/S) greater than two & elevation of phosphatidy cololine
Amniotic fluid is generally collected for lab analysis at ___ gestation 14-20 weeks
Amniotic fluid is collected by the physician under guidance of ultrasound imaging. After the initial discard, the sample appears dark reddish-brown. This likely indicates: Fetal Death
The diagnostic sensitivity is the: True positive rate
A tumor marker is best used to: Detect presence of malignancies, tumor growth prediction, progression of illness estimate tumor load, and to follow treatment.
Paraprotein is best analyzed based on its chemical makeup using what methodology: Serum & urine electrophoresis & immunofixation
An example of an oncofetal tumor-associated antigen is: Carcinoembryonic antigen & alpha fetoprotein tissue
The n-ras gene mutation is associated with: Acute myeloid leukemia
An example of an effective tumor screen for cancer is: PSA (men over 50 yrs)
Serum amylase and ___ have been used to assist in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer CA19.9
Women w/tenderness & enlargement of the ovary suggestive of an ovarian mass & high levels of ___ are likely to have a neoplasm. CA125
Monitoring the tumor load following surgery and radiotherapy for colorectal cancer can be achieved with: CEA
CA 15.3 estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, & HER2/neu are all assays used in assessment of what disease: Breast cancer
A venous specimen for phenytoin analysis is collected in an evacuated tube containing sodium citrate. What should be considered? The specimen was drawn in a plain red top tube
The specimen of choice for mercury testing is: Whole blood EDTA containing tube. (dark blue)
A drug screen for cannabis may actually test for: Delta-9 thc
A drug screen result is considered ___ until confirmed by GCMS: presumptive
The definitive test for ethanol used for legal alcohol testing is: Gas-liquid chromatography
The source of volatile organic poisoning can be confirmed with: Gas chromatography
Heavy metal testing can be best achieved by: AAS
A premature baby has the following gentamicin results. What should be the next step, given these results: Peak 8ug/mL (3-5) Trough 5ug/mL (<2) Critical value & report to patients nurse immediately
When both peak * trough tobramycin plasma samples are collected, you: Peak is higher and through is lower
Given the possible consequences of an acetaminophen level of 165ug/mL in a 6yr old child, what followup lab tests may be ordered: ALT, AST, ALP to monitor liver damage
A specimen collected for a medical alcohol test is not reliable later as a specimen for a legal ethanol test because Must have chain of custody, must arrive unopened, & time limit



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