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Chemistry Spelling 4

Spelling IV

Pectoris Chest
Myocardial Pretaining to the heart muscle
Creatine Kinase Enzyme that breaksdown phosphocreatine into creatine & phosphoric acid
Hexokinase Enzyme catalyzing glucose
Lipoproteins Protein combined w/lipid components
Esters Compound formed by combination of an organic acid & an alcohol w/elimination of water
Chylomicrons parcel of lipids & proteins made from dietary fats during intestinal absorption
Cholesterol A steroid lipid, found in the cell membrane of all body tissue
Triglyceride An ester formed from a molecule of glycerol & 3 molecules of fatty acids
Hypoalphalipoproteinemia A deficiency of high-density (alpha) lipoproteins in the blood
Cyanide poisoning When a living organism is exposed to cyanide
Fetal Lung Maturity A procedure that determines the likelihood a neonate
Arterial Blood Gas A procedure to measure the partial pressure of oxygen & carbon dioxide gasses & the pH in arterial blood
Hypoperfusion Decreased passage of blood through vessels of an organ
Anion Gap The unmeasured anions in plasma present w/bicarbonate & chloride to balance sodium & potassium cations
Shunt Passage between two natural channels, such as between blood vessels, that bypasses a particular organ
Dissociation Curve A curve determined by plotting on a graph the partial pressure of oxygen in blood
Emphysema Chronic pulmonary disease marked by abnormal increase in the airspace & destructive changes in their walls
Oxyhemoglobin The combined form of hemoglobin w/oxygen: a measure of the utilization of the potential oxygen transport
Carboxyhemoglobin Hemoglobin containing carbon monoxide