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Chemistry Ch 10 & 11

Ch 10 & 11 Review

Creatinine measurement is used in nutritional nutritional assessment to assess the _____ of the body. Total Body Muscle Mass
A high level of retinol-binding protein correlates most closely w/a finding of: Normal conditions of nourishment & nutrition.
The patient has severe steatorrhea. The most likely vitamin deficiency that may accompany this condition is: B12 def
Deficiencies of this vitamin are associated w/prolonged prothrombin time (>15 seconds) and coagulation disorders is: Vitamin K
Wilson's disease is characterized by toxic levels of: Copper
Zinc deficiency is associated with: Night blindness & poor wound healing
Megaloblastic anemia is common in alcoholics, or in pregnancy if no vitamin supplements & poor diet are present. Which lab findings correlate w/this condition? B12 deficiency & folate
Cystic fibrosis is associated with: pancreatic insufficiency, Decreased amylase, lipase, bicarbonate, & pancreatic exocrine function, & fecal fat
Vitamin B12 may be indirectly assessed by: methomelonic acid (mma) homosistine
The basis of the lactose breath test is: The production of Hydrogen (H2) by bacterial fermentation of carbohydrate substrate in the colon.
When ion tophoresis is used to collect sweat, pilocarpine is used to: facilitate sweating
The CLS noted a flagged alb low by the auto chem analyzer. Upon examination, the CLS found the specimen number matched that of a 70-yr-old femal. The blood had been drawn 2 hrs before & was slightly hemolyzed. The CLS did not xplore the result further: She was older
Fluorescent polarization immunoassay is a good alternative to radioimmunoassay for analysis of thyroxine because it: Good sensitizing & specificity, moderate complexity, fewer safety regulations
Peroxidase-labeled antibody binds w/patient thyroxine to form a complex. Addition of luminol substrate forms an oxidized product that emits light for short time measured by a luminometer. This describes: Chemiluminescence
Primary hypercortisolism is associated w: Decreased ACTH, Increased cortisol, & loss of diurnal variation
A patient w/increased aldosterone & renin levels most likely has: Secondary hyperaldosteronism
A young male w/acromegaly has been found to have a pituitary aldenoma that secretes growth hormone. This is correlated w: Secondary giantism
The clinical lab scientist instructed the patient to collect a 24-hr urine collection for VMA. The CLS asked the patient to restrict dietary consumption of: Coffee, bananas, vanilla, citrus, aspirin, anti hyper drugs