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OMAM Common Words

Bilovsky Of Mice and Men

Debris The remains of something broken down or destroyed
Mollify To soothe in temper or disposition
Cowering To shrink away, especially for shelter from something that menaces or domineers.
Fawning To show affection.
Contemptuous Manifesting, feeling, or expressing contempt.
Sluggishly Averse to activity or exertion, slow to respond.
Lynched To put to death by hanging without legal sanction.
Belligerently Inclined or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness.
Retort A quick, witty, or cunning reply.
Comprehension The act or power of comprehending.
Riveter a machine that joins metal plates together with rivets
Ego an exaggerated sense of your own importance and a feeling of superiority to other people.
Sullen showing bad temper or hostility by a refusal to talk, behave sociably, or cooperate cheerfully.
Appraised To give an estimate of how much money something is worth.
Tattered Ragged or torn to shreds
Meager unsatisfactory in quantity, substance, or size.
Scuttle A quick shuffling pace.
Reprehend To voice downward, sink or fall to the bottom.
Retreat an act or process of withdrawing
Wry Having a bent or twisted shape or condition
Created by: mbilovsky