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The skin repairs surface wounds by exaggerating cell replacement
The adipose tissue in the hypodermis serves to: generate heat and insulate
Sweat glands, hair, and nails are all formed from: invaginations of epidermis into dermis
The secretory activity of the sebaceous glands is stimulated by: sex hormones.
The white crescent-shaped area beyond the proximal nail fold is called the ________, which is the site of new nail growth. matrix
newborns are more vulnerable to hypothermia due to: a poorly developed subcutaneous fat layer
that normal hormone-related changes of adolescence include: increased oil production.
Expected hair distribution changes in older adults include: increased terminal hair follicles to the tragus of men’s ears.
The transition from _______ to _______ hair pattern occurs in older men at the nares and the tragus vellus to terminal
Brittle nails are typical findings in: older adults.
the nails of older adults grow slowly due to: decreased circulation.
the risk factors for skin cancer include: Fair-skinned persons with light eyes with repeated trauma or irritation to skin
The type and brand of grooming products used are important to the health history of: everyone
Your inspection to determine color variations of the skin is best conducted: with illumination provided by daylight.
________ provides the best illumination source for determining color variations of the skin. Daylight
Tangential lighting is best used for inspecting skin: contour
Unusual white areas on the skin may be due to: vitiligo
Which cultural group has the lowest incidence of nevi? African Americans
______ are more common in persons who burn rather than tan; Nevi
You are inspecting the lower extremities of a patient and have noted pale, shiny skin of the lower extremities. This may reflect: systemic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease
In the absence of liver disease, another cause of jaundice is increased ________ pigmentation carotene (Diets high in carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash )
the skin temperature is best assessed with the: dorsal surface of the examiner’s hand.
You are examining a pregnant patient and have noted a vascular lesion. When you blanche over the vascular lesion, the site blanches and refills evenly from the center outward. The nurse documents this lesion as a: spider angioma.
_________ are often associated with high estrogen levels, as occur in pregnancy. spider agiomas
Small, minute bruises are called: petechiae
A flat, nonpalpable lesion is described as a macule if the diameter is: less than 1 cm.
A ______ by definition is an elevated, firm, rough lesion with a flat top surface greater than 1 cm in diameter. An example is psoriasis. plaque
You have noted a 4  3-cm, rough, elevated area of psoriasis. This is an example of a: plaque
The nurse inspects an annular lesion. What type of additional lighting source should be used for further assessment? Wood's lamp
Skin turgor checks are performed to determine the: hydration status
. During your assessment, you have transilluminated a skin lesion. During the physical examination, you know that skin lesions are transilluminated to distinguish: fluid-filled from solid cysts or masses
Fluorescing lesions are best distinguished using a(n): Wood's lamp
Women with terminal hair growth in a male distribution pattern should receive further evaluation for a(n): endocrine disorder
single dark band in a white adult indicates a more serious condition melanoma
Transient mottling of the patient’s skin in a cool room is a common finding in: newborn infants
A simian line seen in the palm of a small child may imply: Down syndrome
Café au lait patches are numbered with each assessment of infants and young children because: the presence of more than five patches suggests neurofibromatosis.
A Dennie-Morgan fold is probably caused by: chronic rubbing
Linea nigra is commonly found on the abdomens of: pregnant women
Cherry angiomas are a common finding in: adults older than 30 years
Pigmented, raised, warty lesions over the face and trunk should be assessed by an experienced practitioner who can distinguish: seborrheic keratoses from actinic keratoses.
Age spots are also called: senile lentigines
The most common inflammatory skin condition is: eczematous dermatitis.
Tinea corporis is ______ infection fungal
The characteristic that best differentiates psoriasis from other skin abnormalities is the: color of the scales
Painful vesicles are associated with: herpes zoster
.” You note pale, erythematous oval plaques over the trunk. They have fine scales and are arranged in a fernlike pattern with parallel alignment. What is the nurse’s next action? inquire about another recent skin lesion
the “ABCD” characteristic of malignant melanoma stands for what?? asymmetry, borders that are irregular, color that is not the same all over, and diameter greater than 6 mm and growing
The most common cutaneous neoplasm is: basal cell carcinoma
_____________ is the most common form of skin cancer. It occurs more frequently on sun-exposed parts of the body. basal cell carcinoma
Soft, painless, bluish papules in persons who are HIV-positive are most likely: kaposi sarcoma (ks)
A child presents with discrete vesicles on an erythematous base (dew drops on a rose petal appearance) that began near her scalp and are spreading to the trunk. The child has a low-grade fever and feels tired. What is the nurse’s next action teach infection control measures
your inspection reveals honey-colored exudate from the vesicular rash on his legs. Which condition is consistent with the above findings? impetigo
Which injury would most likely raise your suspicion that the child was being abused? Bruises in various stages of resolution over body soft tissues
Assessment of poor hygiene, healed fractures with deformity, or unexplained trauma in older adults indicates: physical neglect
The nurse assesses the nail base angle using the Schamroth technique. The normal expected examination finding is nail beds that are _____ at the bases. concave
A slightly elevated brownish papule with indistinct borders is a typical characteristic of a(n) _____ nevus. compound
Individuals with dark pigmentary demarcation lines show lighter coloration on _____ body surfaces. inward
Damage into the subcutaneous tissue in a decubitus ulcer occurs at Stage _____. III
Sweat glands, hair, and nails are all formed from: invaginations of epidermis into dermis.
______ and many dermatologic findings have shared atopic (allergic) qualities. asthma
Individuals with dark pigmentary demarcation lines show lighter coloration on _____ body surfaces. inward
Mrs. Xavier is a 45-year-old patient who presents to your office with a complaint of a rash. On examination you find a herald patch (round plaque with fine superficial scaling). Which of the following conditions identifies this finding? Pityriasis rosea.
The examiner notes hyperkeratosis on a patient s palms and soles. The examiner recognizes that this: is considered a normal finding.
Mr. Marlin is a 58-year-old man who presents to your office for a follow-up examination. You are treating him for rosacea. Rosacea is: an inflammatory skin disorder with papules and pustules.
Wrinkling of the skin is less marked in individuals who: are obese.
Mr. Gerard a 55-year-old patient comes to the office for a routine physical. He complains to you about the “clusters of veins” on his face. Which of the following is the best method to differentiate between telangiectases and vascular spiders? Try to blanch them.
Which of the following lesion characteristics differentiates a macule from a papule? Elevation
A gradual symmetric hair loss in males during adulthood occurs as response to: elevated androgen levels.
Atrophy of the skin is associated with the development of which of the following lesions? straie
Which of the following is a warning sign of squamous cell carcinoma? A persistent scaly red patch.
Mrs. Harris brings her 12-year-old daughter with Down syndrome to your office for a follow-up examination. Which of the following skin characteristics is associated with Down syndrome? Simian line (crease)
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