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Religion of Islam

Islam to submit to ones religion and God religion of peace
Muslim follower of the religion of Islam
Muslima women follower
Iman faith in the religion of Islam. 5 pillars of faith
Mu'min faithful man
Mu'mina faithful women
Imam religious or political leader
Ihsan belief that one should act righteously, perfection
Taqwa consciousness of God
Tawhid concept on monotheism in Islam, oneness of God
sunna prayer most important prayers preformed 5 times a day. 5 pillars of practice through 5 pillars of practice
Ka'ba holiest place in Islam- mosque in mecca
sunna example, practice, custom of Muhammad
hadith report of prophetic sunna of Muhammad's actions, statements and practices
Isnad chain of transmitters
Matn text, wording of the hadith
sahih sound, authentic
Da'if weak, inauthentic
Kharijite a grave sinner is a disbeliever
Khadija Muhammad's wife
Abu Bakr close companion of Muhammad, father-in-law, first caliph
'Ali cousin of Muhammad, son-in-law, fist convert of Islam 4th caliph, shi'ites refer to him as first imam
abu talib 'ali's father, Muhammad's uncle, provided protection for muhammad
'a'isha daughter of Abu Bakr and later Muhammad's wife
Fatima Muhammad's daughter and 'Ali's wife
'Uthman Muhammad's son-in-law, companion, third caliph
talha close companion of Muhammad, 8th believer, battle of uhud and camel
Zabayr and ibn zubayr father of Ibn zubayr. ibn zubayr is the nephew of 'a'isha and the grandson of abu bakr
hasan and hasayn Muhammad's grandsons, fatima and 'ali's sons. Husayn was the third shi'ite imam
Mu'awiya and Yazid appointment of ali', 5th caliph of Umayyad. Yazid is the second caliph of Umayyad caliphate appointed by his father Mu'awiya
'and al malik b. marwan b. 'abu al malik 5th Umayyad caliph
Walid al-bukhari wrote the second most authoritative collection of sumni Hadith
al-nawawi sunni Muslim author of fiqh and the hadith
Muslim wrote second most authoritative collection of hadith
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