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Chemistry Spelling 3

Spelling III

Substances that ionize in solution & conduct electricity Electrolytes
Increase in blood alkalinity due to an accumulation of alkaline substances or reduction of acids Alkalosis
The way a test is preformed Methodology
A reaction used to measure the amount of creatinine Jaffe reaction
Without a recognizable cause Idiopathic
To absorb again Reabsorption
An elevated level of urea in the blood Azotemia
Decreased urine output Oliguria
A mixture of chemicals that resist changes in pH by combining with free H+ & OH- Buffer
Yellowish pigmentation in the blood due increased bilirubin Icterus
Forms of enzymes w/different amino acid sequences giving unique properties but having the ability to catalyze similar chemical reactions Isoenzymes
Enzymes of the liver Transaminases
Bilirubin deposits in the skin, mucus membranes, & eyes giving tissues a yellow appearance Jaundice
Cells of the liver that are affected Hepatocellular
Any of a class of simple proteins that occur widely in plant & animal tissue Globulins
The main protein in human blood & the key to regulating the osmotic pressure of blood Albumin
Maintains colloidal oncotic pressure & prevents edema Ammonia
An enzyme that liberates phosphate under alkaline conditions & is made in liver, bone, & other tissues Alkaline phosphatase
Comparing individual patients results from a previous result Delta check