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German Verbs

A vocabulary study tool of verbs

besuchen to visit
grüßen to greet, to say hi to
auf-passen to pay attention
auf-rämen to clean up
aus-sehen to look
verreisen to travel
ein-kaufen to buy
verkaufen to sell
wissen to know
werden to become
schlagen to hit
brauchen to need
ein-laden to invite
suchen to search
vergessen to forget
an-schauen to see
ab-holen to pick up
sauber machen to make clean
kochen to cook
abwischen to wash
aufstehen to wake up
frühstücke to eat breakfast
räumen to clear/empty
an-fangen to begin
an-rufen to call
anziehen to put on
aufwachen to wake up
aus-gehen to go out (party-like)
ein-schlafen to fall asleep
ansschlafen to sleep in
reden to talk
segeln to sail
treffen to meet (trifft)
harken to rake
gießen to water
fegen to sweep
geben to give (gibt)
nehmen to take (nimmt)
weg-gehen to go out
tragen to carry, to wear (trägt)
statt-finden to take place
sollen should, ought to
wollen to want to
müssen must
mögen to like
können to be able to
feiern to celebrate, to party
dürfen to be allowed to
Created by: lschulson