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Ch. 8 & 9

Political Geography & Development

#1 Questions#1 Answers
As a result of a 1979 Soviet invasion, what country generated one of the world's largest refugee migrations? Afghanistan
An area organized into an independent political unit is a __________. State
A group of people who occupy a particular area and have a strong sense of unity based on a set of shared beliefs is a __________. Nation
A state with control over its internal affairs has __________. Sovereignty
Over the past half century, the number of sovereign states in the world has increased by more than __________. 100
The world's largest state (country) is __________. Russia
Korea is a good example of a __________. Nation divided among more than one state
Large size is an asset for a state becuase it is able to __________. Produce a larger supply of food, posses a larger suppl of raw materials, withstand a limited nuclear war
Name three similarities between China and Taiwan. Both were once ruled by Nationalists, both consider that the two areas form one sovereign state, both have official relationships iwth the United States
The Fertile Crescent ___________. Followed the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea, was another name for Mesopotamia
The only large land mass not part of a sovereign state is ________. Antarctica
The first states in ancient Mesopotamia were ____________. City-states
Political unity in the ancient world reached its height in ___________. The Roman Empire
A territory tied to a state rather than being completely independent is a ________. Colony
The first widespread use of the nation-state concept came in ____________. Western Europe
The attempt by one country to impose political control over another territory is ___________. Colonialism
The motives of European states in be summarized as _________. God, gold, glory
By 1900, the British could claim what about their empire? The sun never set, their colonies were located on every continent, theirn empire was larger than that of any other European state
The world's smallest colony is _________. Pitcairn
A state is a good example of ___________. An organized region
A fronteir, in contrast to a boundary, is an _________ rather than a line. Area
Which shape most easily fosters the establishment of effective internal communications for a smaller state? Compact
The Germans established the proruption known as the Caprivi Strip in present-day Namibia because _______? Access to resources in central Africa, disruption of British communications
A feature of the physical environment commonly used to separate states includes _________? Desert, mountain, water
The boundary between the United States and Mexico is best described as __________? Geometry, language, water (all three)
Boundaries were redrawn in much of Eruope after World War I according to the __________? Distribution of languages
The Aozou Strip is a good example of a _________ boundary. Geometric
The problems experienced by Cyprus during the past two decades include _________. A Greek-inspired military coup, a Turkish army invasion, an increasing spatial segregation of Greeks and Turks
With the breakup of the Soviet Unition, nearly all Russians are ________. Clustered in Russia's western regions
Conflict is widespread in Afica in part because ________. the European colonial powers drew inappropriate boundaries
The Kurds are an example of a __________. Nationality divided among more than one state
Among the Azerbaijanis, Armenians, and Kurds, the Azerbaijanis are the only group that ___________. Speak an Altaic language
Development refers to an improvement in ___________. Material conditions
The difference in per capita GDP between the more developed and less developed regions is _________. Widening
On a north polar projection, less developed countries appear to be located _________. In peripheral locations
The value of total output of goods and services in a year in a country is its ________. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
In 1995, the per capita GDP in Sudan was about $400; this indictates that it is a _________. Less Developed Country (LDC)
Per capita GDP is a good indicator of ___________. The distribution of wealth within a country
An example of a primary sector activity is _________. Mining, farming
Processing of computer information is an example of which sector? Tertiary
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