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Eng10-Anne Frank '11

Eng10-Anne Frank 9-28-2011 Final test

Know general Holocaust statistics: Jewish population #'s of Poland/Denmark, # of Polish Jews killed, # Jewish children killed 5% of Denmark's Jews killed/ 90% of Poland's Jews killed/ 9 out of 10 Jewish children killed
Know the difference between concentration camps and death camps. Concentration camp-held political prisoners death camps-murdered people
What other groups did the Nazi's murder? mentally ill, gypsies, homosexuals, criminals
Know what gifts Anne gives to each member of the annex for Hanukkah. Margot-crossword/Mrs. Vandaan-shampoo/Mr. Vandaan-a cigarette/Mrs.Frank-Iou chores/Mr. Frank-a muffler/ Peter-razor/Dussel-earplugs
Name the country that people thought the Franks escaped to: Switzerland
"Pim" was Anne's nickname for: Otto Frank, her father; was the only survivor of the Annex group
Know how long the Franks were in the annex. 25 months (or just over 2 years);Annex door was hidden by bookcase; it was located above warehouse;bathroom was called W.C. for water closet
Know what Anne is interested in: Royalty, writing (becoming an author), movie stars
Which country were the Franks originally from? Germany
Know about Hannah Gosler (Anne's friend). Her family also fled Germany
How were Jews lives first changed by the Nazi's? had to wear yellow stars, forced to go to Jewish-Only schools, banned from establishments
Know how each member of the Secret Annex died. Refer to your purple packet notes.
"Putti" is the nickname of... Mr. van Daan (Mr. van Pels)
Death camps were located in which country? Poland - See map in your Yellow "vocabulary" packet;Auschwitz had most victims
Know these terms: Gestapo, Aryan, Final Solution, Refer to the yellow "vocabulary" packet.
Know details about Hitler's life/history: high school, employment, military. Refer to yellow "vocabulary" packet under ***Facts About Adolph Hitler
2 themes that apply to the Anne Frank story: getting along with others, having faith in human nature
Be able to recall at least 2 situations where Mr. Van Daan was greedy/selfish in the story. p.203-stealing food, p.193-cutting the cake, p.194-attempting to sell Mrs. Van Daan's coat
Be able to describe parts in the book or the movie of MAN vs. HIMSELF conflict. Ex. Mrs. Frank struggling to continue to work at the death camp while she thinks her daughters are dead.
Be able to describe 3 situations that show Anne being a typical teenager. Ex. fighting with her mom, loving movie stars, "dating" Peter, putting her thoughts/feelings in a diary,
Name of the camp the Frank's, Van Daans, and Dussel are taken to? Westerbork - not a death camp
There are different reasons that Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated. Hanukkah has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus.
How old was Miep Gies when she died? 100 years.
Know about Miep... from Austria, helps keep the Frank's and Van Daan's hidden in the attic, is a secretary in the warehouse below, hides the diary after the Franks are found in the annex, is not Jewish, is honored after the war for helping save Jews
Details about Anne and Margot's deaths: at Bergen-Belsen, from typhus, just days before liberation from allied forces. Margot died first, then Anne.
Mr. Van Daan (Mr. Van Pels) dies at which death camp? Auschwitz gas chamber
What incident makes Mrs. Frank very angry? Mr. Van Daan stealing food.
Who betrayed the Franks, which led to their discovery? the wife of a warehouse worker
2 of Anne's friends: Did they die in concentration camps? Jacque and Hannah - neither died in death camps, both survived.
Poland had the highest Jew population and highest number killed
Created by: maplelakesped
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