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pht 100

chapter 4 part 3

a gel has solid particles in liquid
a jelly is a gel that has a higher proportion of water
a glycerogelatin is from gelatin, glycerin, water, & medicine
suppositories have a cocoa butter or glycerin base
aqueous meds are water based
hydroalcoholic meds are water & alcohol based
solute is an active ingredient
solvent is a liquid vehicle
solute is an ingredient that dissolves in liquid
a solvent is a vehicle making up a greater part of a solution
aromatic water is a water/oil solution that releases in the air
an elixer is a flavored solution with water & ethanol
a syrup is a thick aqueous solutron with high sucrose or substitute like sorbitol or propylene glycol
an extract is a potent dosage from animals & plants with most of the solvent having been evaporated to powder
a fluid extract is a dosage from plants used for syrups
a tincture is a solution with alcohol & plant extract
iodine is a tincture
a spirit solution comes in camphor or peppermint
irrigation solutions cleanses wounds or parts of the face
solutions are classified by method of administration
topical is local
systemic is throughout the body
epicutaneous is on the skin
percutaneous is through the skin
perenteral is injection
a liquid medication is dispersed in liquid but is not completely dissolved
suspension is the dispersion of an undissolved solid into liquid
colloids have properties between a solution and a fine suspension
milk of magnesia is a colloid substance
microemulsion is on liquid dispersed in another
haley's m-o is dispersed in compound w
colloid has ultrafine particlesthat are dispersed in a liquid form
magma is a milk like liquid colloidal dispersion where particles are in a 2 phase system
microemulsion is a clear formulation that has 1 liquid of really fine dropplets dispersed in another liquid
dosage can be delivered in sprays & aerosol
inhalations are for allergies & asthma
a spray emits a fine dispersion of liquid, solid, or gas
aerosol comes in a pressurized container with a propellant to administer an inhalant
transdermals transfers drugs to the bloodstream throgh the skin
transdermal patches have a backing, a drug resevoir, a control membrane, an adhesive layer, & a protective strip
with transdermals, absorption is slowed & effects last 24 hrs. to 1 week
transdermals are with nicotine, nitroglycerine, narcotic analgesics, & scopalamines
motion sickness is prevented with scopalamines
nitroglycerine is used for anginal chest pain
a route of administration is how a drug gets into the body
effects of an administration route can be systemic or local
buccal administration is medicine absorbed between the gum & cheek
a systemic effect is how a drug is distributed in the blood stream throughout the body
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