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Nelson. Naming Cmps.

Stack #70081

Question/ TermAnswer/Definition
Ionic Compound combination of a metals and non-metals
2 characteristics of Ionic Compounds? 1. Solid at SATP 2.when dissolved in water, the solution conducts electricity well.
Binary Ionic Compund -2 types of elements, a metal and a non mental
What should the charge be on an Ionic compound? Zero
For an ionic compound, what is H considered? Hydrogen is considered a non metal
What happens with Transitional metals in Ionic compounds? You must specify which charge you use by using Roman Numerals in their name
In what order do you name ionic compounds? Name the metal first, then the nonmentals. Also, change the ending of the nonmetal to "ide"
What are diatomic elements? They are elements that, when alone, like to exist in pairs
What are the 7 diatonic elements? H, Br, O, N, Cl. I. F
How do Phosphorous and Sulfur like to exist when each are found alone? P4 and S8
Polyatomic Ions A cation or Anion composed of a group of atoms with a net positive or negative charge.
NO3- Nitrate
(CO3) 2- Carbonate
Sulfate (SO4)2-
Phosphate (PO4)3-
OH- Hydroxide
NH4+ Ammonium
add 1 O atom prefix PER
lose 1 O atom suffix ITE
lose 2 O atoms prefix HYPER
Molecular Compound -Formed by 2 nonmetals- at SATP can be S, L or G, and more even partnership when sharing electrons, uses prefixes when naming compounds
What happens when a molecular compound is dissolved in water? solutions do not conduct electricity
Hydrogen's exceptions in molecular compounds? It is still considered a nonmetal, but the prefixes are not used in compounds that contain H.
Hydrates Ionic compounds that contain water molecules
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