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pht 100

chapter 4 part 2

sustained release drugs reduces the dosage from immediate release
extended release drugs reduces dosage from immediate & sustained forms
controlled release is also delayed release
controlled release distributes medication for a long period
powders are made by machine pulverization & milling from it's original figure
granules compared to powders are larger particles
powder & a little water together make granules
granules can be enclosed in caps
granules are irregularly shaped & have excellent flow characteristics
effervescents are coarse powders/granules that have medicine, sodium bicarbonate, & an acid type
effervescent salts bubble when in water releasing carbon dioxide gas
an emulsion is when 2 unblended substances are mixed
creams/lotions are made from oil dropplets in water emulsion
ointments are semisolids made from water dropplets in oil emulsion
emulsion is the dispersion of 2 different liquids together varying in viscosity
mineral oil & petroleum jelly are oleaginous
water/oil emulsions are like lanolin or cold creme
oil/water emulsions are like hydrophilic ointment
water soluble bases are like polyethylene glycol
pastes has more solids than oinment
a plaster is a preparation that adheres to the body containing backing material
a linitment is a medicated topical preparation applied to the skin
cremes are invisible once applied & lotions are easily absorbed
colamine lotion is for itching & benzoyl peroxide is for acne
lotion contains insoluble dispersed solids or immiscible liquids
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