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pht 100

chapter 4 part 1

diluent allows appropriate concentration of tablet meds
a binder promotes adhesion of materials in tabs
lubricating agents give sheen to tabs & aids in manufacturer
disintergrant helps break up ingredients during digestion
solubilizer keeps solution of ingredients & helps them pass into solution in the body
color differentiate tabs
coating aids in swallowing with flavor & protects the stomach wall delaying drug release
a dosage form is a physical manifestation
dosage forms are solids, liquids, & gases
drug delivery system affects how drugs are released
the design of a dosage form affects drug delivery
a dosage form design may protect the stomach or delay an active drug's release
pharmacists rely on the ndc drug label (not the pill appearance) to identify a drug
lozenges troches, & pastilles are similar dosage forms
powders & granules are also similar dosage forms
pills are made by compression of granules
drugs can have 1 or more active ingredients
there are mutiple compression tablets or mct
an mct can be one tablet over another, one tab within another, or layers of active ingredients of a pill
caplets are tabs shaped like caps
odt is an oral disintegrating tab
a chewable tab is readily absorbed and must be chewed for security
coating can improve taste, appearance, & swallowability
sugar coated tabs are harder to swallow
film coated tabs can lessen side effects
enteric coated tabs are designed to bypass the stomach & get absorbed in the small intestine
a film coated tab prevents serious gi side effects
ec tabs & delayed-released tabs shouldn't be cut
caps may contain inert filler (diluent), disintegrants, solubilizers, & preservations
a diluent is an inactive ingredient that allows for the appropriate concentration of the medication
a diluent is used to reconstitute parenteral products
control release drugs regulate the release rate of medication
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