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Resp. Care Test 1

Who is professionally responsible for the day-to-day patient care in respiratory care dept? Department head
What term is used to describe the process in which a govt agency gives an individual permission to practice an occupation? Licensure
What organization is responsible for credentialing respiratory therapist? NBRC
What agency is a voluntary professional organization for respiratory therapists and individuals interested in respiratory therapy? AARC
Responsibility for the technical direction of a respiratory care dept lies with whom? department manager
Making sure a patient is comfortable and has water within reach is an example of what? Beneficence
A patient requests that in the case of a life threatening event, she would like her daughter to make decisions regarding her healthcare. This is an example of what? advanced directive
The point at which the manibrium of the sternum and the body of the sternum meet has two names. What are they? Angle of Louis/Sternal Angle
Ear tips of the stethoscope should be pointed how to hear the best? forward toward the nose
Breath sound that often clears w/ a strong cough rhonchi
most accurate means of obtaining a temperature rectal
adult patient has a pulse of 122. This patient is what? tachycardic
What breathing pattern is associated with metabolic acidosis most commonly diabetic ketoacidosis? Kussmaul's breathing
Increased tactile fremitus over left lower lobe on patient would most likely indicate what? consolidation/atelectasis
normal lung tissue should have what percussion note? resonance
decreased tactile fremitus indicates pnuemothorax
tracheal deviation toward affected side indicates atelectasis
normal breath sounds heard over lungs are vesicular
abnormal breath sounds also known as adventitious
tracheal breath sounds are heard over trachea
these breath sounds are heard over upper portion of sternum bronchial
where are bronchovesicular breath sounds heard? over sternum at around 2nd intercostal space and between scapulae
wheezes occur b/c narrowing of airways
bronchial breath sounds in lung peripheri indicates consolidation or atelectasis
acrocyanosis is same as peripheral cyanosis (blue color to fingers/toes)
periorbital cyanosis blue color of whites of eyes
perioral cyanosis blue color around mouth
central cyanosis blue color all over
5 basic components of communication sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback
True/False: legally, documentation of care given to a pt means that care was given. True
Charting must be done so it is meaningful for how long? years
healthcare communication involves who? nurses, pts, resp therapists, doctors, pt's signifcant others
Communication skills play a key role in the RT's ability to do what? identify pt's problem, evaluate pt's progress, make recommendations for resp care
what are the basic strategies to resolve conflict competing, compromising, avioding, accommodating, collaborating
example of a nonverbal message gesture
example of formal channel used for communication memo
factors that affect communication emotional factors, internal factors, use of medical jargon, environmental factors, sensory factors
True/False: Documentation is required for each medication, treatment, or procedure. True
True/False: Leaving blank lines in charting is acceptable. False
True/False: Abbreviations are acceptable as long as you know what it means. False
True/False: When a mistake is made during charting, erasing or drawing a line through it are both acceptable. False
Lifting heavy objects is best done with what technique? straight spine, bent legs
primary factor determining effect of an electrical shock current
High amperage (6A or more) applied externally to skin can cause what? skin burns, sustained myocardial contraction, respiratory paralysis
How can risk of fire b/c of static electrical discharge in presence of oxygen be minimized? maintaining high relative humidity in are of use
What ethical principle can be used to justify the pain that might occur in drawing blood from a pt for diagnostic test? double effect
a health professional who withholds the truth from a pt, saying it is for her own good, is engaged in what practice? benevolent deception
debate over prolongation of life versus relief of suffering in elderly pts mainly involves differing opinions regarding what ethical principle? beneficence
moral basis for rationing health care services falls under what ethical principle? distributive justice
a clinician who justifies support for withdrawing life support from a pt b/c "in the end, it would be best for all involved" is applying what ethical viewpoint? consequentialism
what branch of law is concerned w/ recognition and enforcement of rights and duties of private individuals and organizations? civil
a nurse who practices below a reasonable standard of care is committing what type of malpractice? ethical
the word credentialing is general refers to what? recognition of an individual in the profession
what agency is responsible for assuring quality in respiratory care through voluntary certification and registration? NBRC
what organization is responsible for credentialing respiratory therapists? NBRC
what term is used to describe the process in which a govt agency gives an individual permission to practice an occupation? licensure
Who is responsible for reviewing resp care schools to ensure quality? CoARC
treatment based on careful review of available literature is know as evidence-based medicine
RT's do NOT: diagnose, interpret tests, prescribe
4 methods for examining the chest inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation
most common tort used against practitioners negligence/malpractice
diminished breath sounds indicate consolidation, atelectasis, pleural effusion
Absent breath sounds indicate pneumothorax
tracheal deviation toward affected side atelectasis, fibrosis
tracheal deviation away from affected side pleural effusion or pneumothorax
hypopnea shallow breathing
what does RACE stand for? R-rescue pts in immediate area of fire A-alert personnel C-contain fire E-evacuate other pts and personnel
when to do 3 min handwash upon arrival, before eating, after restroom use, before leaving
when to do 15 sec handwash before & after pt contact, between procedures for same pt if cross contamination occurred
contact precautions infection thru body fluids, blood, fecal matter, 3 ft minimum, gown and gloves required
droplet precautions infection thru propelled droplets, coughing, sneezing, suctioning, bronchoscopy, mask if within 3 ft, door can be open, private room or w/ pt w/ same infection
dull percussion note indicates atelectasis
airborne infection isolation infectious agent (TB), use N-95 respirator, private room, negative pressure room, door closed
protective environment reverse isolation, pts, w/ compromised immune system, chemotherapy, leukemia, AIDS, PPE worn to protect pt, positve pressure room, no plants or dried/fresh flowers
hyperressonant percussion indications pneumothorax/air trapping
flat percussion note indicates pleural effusion
barrel chest is commonly associated with chronic lung disease due to air trapping and loss in lung compliance
scoliosis lateral curvature of spine
kyphosis anterior-to-posterior curvature of thoracic region of spine that gives humpback apperance
lordosis inward curvature of lumbar spine
stridor high pitched crowing sound, indicates upper airway obstruction, caused by croup, epiglottitis, postextubation
clubbing is a sign of chronic hypoxemia
change in color of sputum indicates infection
signs of increased WOB tripod position, nasal flarring, pursed lip breathing, paradoxical breathing, barrel chest, accessory muscle use, retractions, tachypnea
cyanosis according to reduced HB content greater than 5 grams %
tracheobronchial breath sounds are normal when found in ___________ but indicate lung consolidation when found in lung periphery. trachea
adventitious breath sound characterized as loud gurggling sound probably produced by secretions in large airways that often clears w/ effective cough rhonchi
adventitious breath sound characterized as a popping noise possibly created from opening of alveoli or small airways crackles/rales
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