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chapter 3 part 2

in order for developing antibiotic resistance, patients need to fininsh antibiotic treatment in it's entirety
the polio virus attacks the central nervous system
polio caused death or paralysis in children mostly
in 1952, the u.s. had over 21,000 cases of severe paralytic polio reported
jonas salk & albert sabin independently invented polio vaccines in 1953
in 1953, salk developed polio vaccine injections
in 1955, mass polio vaccines responded to the 28,000 reported polio cases
there were only 15 reported cases of polio in 1956
in the 1920s, estrogen & prgesterone hormones were identified
in 1954, drs. gregory pincus & john rock tested birth control pills on women
larger-scale trials of "the pill" had to be conducted out of the u.s.
in 1960, the fda allowed envoid b.c. pills by g.d. searle to be marketed
in 1962, the fda allowed ortho-novum b.c. pills by syntex to be marketed
by 1963, 2.3 million women were on the pill
the pill in it's early stages, had high hormone levels leading to side effects
the pill overtime contained less hormone concentration & are 99% effective
pharm] techs must know the top 200 most dispensed drugs
drug tolerance happens when the body requires higher dosages of a drug for the same therapeutic result
withdrawl symptoms of control substance users may include anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, diarrhea, vomitting, & goose bumps
monitoring rx or control drugs is an important pharm] role
homeopathic meds are small dilutionsof natursl drugs claimed to stimulate the immune system
homeopathic meds use subclinical doses of natural extracts or alcohol tintures
small doses of homeopathic meds allegedly stimulate the immune system
some homeopathic meds. require a prescription
dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals,& herbal supplements that are non-rx & not fda approved
diet supplements are (unlike otc & rx drugs) stringently controlled
drugs can be derived from single-celled organisms, animals, & human specimens
streptomycin is an antibiotic
streptomycesgrisens is bacterium
acetyl salicylic acid is aspirin
opium is a form of morphine
synthetic drugs imitate natural drugs
barbiturates is a synthetic drug once used to treat seizures
a semisynthetic drug combines natural & synthetic components (molecules)
dicloxacillin & nafcillin are semisynthetic penecillins
dicloxacillin & nafcillin are killed bacteria that resists natural penicillin
dicloxacillin & nafcillin are also biogenetically engineered drugs
biotechnology combines sciences of biology, chemistry, & immunology to make synthetic drugs
deoxyribonuclei acid is dna
a genome is the entire dna organism (genes included)
ribonucleic acid is rna
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