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chapter 3 part 1

a drug can be a homeopathic remedy
a diet supplement can be a drug
a drug is any substance taken into/applied to the body to alter biochemical functions & its physiological process
drugs contain 1 or more active ingredient
an active ingredient is a biochemically active component that produces desired therapeutic effect
an inert ingredient is an active chemical that has slim to non physiological effect in 1 or more active ingredients to improve drug form like fillers, preservables, color, flavors, etc.
an inert ingredient is also known as inactive ingredient
the 1st vaccination was for small pox
insullin is a life saver
penicillin was the 1st antibiotic
dr. edward jenner performed the 1st vaccine in 1796
dr. jenner noticed that dairyworkers who had cowpox exposure were immune to smallpox
that antibodies of cowpox exposure provided crossimmunity with smallpox
an antibody of the immune system neutralizes antigens or foreign substances in the body
dr. jenner found that the disease "smallpox" could be prevented by inoculating with bacteria from a person with mild smallpox
smallpox was the 1st disease to be eradicated
due to purity & mass production problems, early vaccines had high complication rates
in the early 1900's, madame curie did pioneering with radioactivity
madame curie won 2 nobel prizes
madame curie won one nobel prize for physics & another for chemistry
madame curie promoted the use of radium to relieve WWI soldiers from suffering
radioactive scans are organ scans, CAT scans, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, nuclear pharm], & MRI scans
in the 1920s, sir fredrick banting & charles best discovered insulin
prior to best & banting's discovery, the link between the pancreas & diabetes was shown
pancreatic extract kept diabetics from dieing
pancreatic extract was isolated & purified after the diabetic dog experiment
insulin was called a significant medical advance
techs help diabetics choose supplies
techs stress the importance of dosage & blood sugar monitoring
antibiotics are chemicals that treat bacterial infections & can kill/inhibit microorganism growth
in 1928, dr. alexander fleming found penicillin by accident
dr. fleming saw bacterial cultures had fungal growth
dr. fleming noticed tha the fugus suppressed the bacterial growth
the antibacterial fungus that dr. fleming found was penicillin
in WWII, penicillin saved soldier's lives
until 1945, penicillin was, mass produced
penicillin causes most drug allergies
penicillin underscores the need to check drug allergy history
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