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GRE Vocab

gre vocab

abate to lessen in intensity the storm will _______
aberrant deviating from the norm a woman doing a man's job was considered ________
accolade an expression of praise he received an _________ for his achievment
acerbic acidic, sour, bitter taste or character her tone was ______ revealing the bitterness she felt
acumen keenness;insight; depth of perception young adults seem to have little or no political _________
adulation excessive praise; intense adoration
alacrity eager and enthusiastic willingness
alchemy transforming metal into gold; transforming something common into something special
amalgamate to combine/mix several elements into a whole
anachronism out of place in historical or chronological order
abdication to cast off; discard; relinquish power
abet to encourage; assist in achieving a purpose
abeyance suspension; temporary inactivity
abhor hate, detest
abjure to renounce upon oath; to avoid
abstruse difficulty to comprehend
assuage to ease or lessen, appease or pacify
audacious daring, bold
austere severely simple, ascetic
avarice greed for wealth
aver state as a fact, confirm or support
axiom universal principle, a given possessing self evident truth
bolster to provide reinforcement
bombast pompous speech or writing
bucolic characteristic of rural areas
burgeon to grow rapidly, flourish
cacophony dissonance; harsh sound
canon established set of principles or code of laws often religious in nature
canonical in agreement with orthodox requirements
capricious changing ones mind impulsively, erratic, unpredictable
castigation severe criticism or punishment
caustic burning or stinging(could be from intense emotion), causing errosion
chary wary, cautious
chicanery trickery or subterfuge
cogent convincing; appealing to the mind or reason
connoisseur expert in matters of taste
contentious argumentative; causing disagreement or controversy
contrite regretful
convoluted complicated
credulous gullible, tend to believe anything readily
culpable deserving blame
dearth scarcity, smallness/lack of quantity
decorum poltite or appropriate conduct
demur to question or oppose
derision scorn, redicule, contemptuous treatment
desiccate to dry out or dehydrate
diatribe a harsh denunciation
didactic intended to teach or instruct
dilettante one with amateurish or superficial interest in the arts or a branch of knowledge
discordant conflicting, disonant in sound
disparage to belittle
disparate fundamentally distinct
dissemble to disguise; mislead
dogmatic stubbornly opinionated
ebullience lively or enthusiastice expression of thought and feelings
eccentric departing from norms or conventions
ecclectic composed of elements from various sources
effrontery extreme boldness; presumptuousness
elegy a mournful poem
emollient soothing to the skin; making less harsh
empirical based on observation or experiment
endemic characteristic of a particular region or people
enervate weaken, reduce in vitality
enigmatic difficult to understand, obscure
ennui dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom
ephermal brief, fleeting
equivocate to use ambiguous language intending to deceive
erudite scholarly, very learned
esoteric intended for or understood by a small specific group
evanescent tending to disappear/vanish like vapor
exacerbate make worse
exculpate clear of blame, exonerate
capitulate surrender often after negotiation of term
exigent urgent; pressing
exonerate remove blame
extemporaneous done without preparation, improvised
facetious playful or humorous
fallacy invalid notion, mistaken belief
fawn flatter or praise excessively
fervent greatly emotional or zealous
filibuster intentional obstruction, using prolonged speechmaking to delay legislative action
flout to demonstrate contempt for flouting the rules
fortuitous happening by fortunate accident or chance it was indeed ______ to find you after all these years in that crowd
fulminate loudly attack or denounce It is no use to _______ against one aspect while disregarding the whole issue
furtive marked by stealth; covert; in secret every now and then, she would direct a _______ look at him, hoping it would go unnoticed
garrulous pointlessly talkative, talking too much I am neither silent nor _________
germane relevant to the subject at hand that sentence proves to be ________ to the theme of the story
glib marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; superficial sometimes, one has a ______ tongue in social gatherings.
gregarious sociable, outgoing (blank)
hackneyed to common, trite, or vulgar from frequent use (blank)
halcyon calm and peaceful (blank)
harangue a ranting speech or writing (pompus (blank)
hedonism devosion to pursuing pleasure (blank)
hegemony dominance of one state or ideology over the others (blank)
heretical violating accepted dogma or convention (blank)
hubris arrogant presumption or pride (blank)
hyperbole exagerates statement uses a figure of speech (blank)
iconoclast one who attacks or undermined traditional conventions or institutions (blank)
idolatrous intense or excessive devotion to something (blank)
imminent about to happen (blank)
immutable cant change (blank)
impassive revealing no emotion (blank)
impecunious lacking funds (blank)
impetous hastily energetic; impulsive (blank)
implacable not capable of being appease or changed (blank)
impunity immunity from punishment or penalty (blank)
inchoate not fully formed (blank)
incipient beginning to come into being or become apparent (blank)
inert lethargic, unmoving (blank)
infelicitous unfortunate, inappropriate (blank)
ingenuous artless;frank; lacking in sophistication (blank)
inimical damaging, harmful (blank)
innocuous harmless (blank)
insipid without taste, flavor, spirit; bland (blank)
intrepid courageous (blank)
inured accustomed to accepting something undesirable (blank)
inveigle to obtain by deception or flatter (blank)
irascible easily angered (blank)
expiation ending/expiring (blank)
exscind to cut out/cut away (blank)
tout person who worries others to buy smth/to use his service (blank)
timorous fearful/timid/afraid (blank)
felon person guilty of murder (blank)
expedient likely to be useful for a purpose (blank)
extenuate reduce the strength of/lessen seriousness/partially excuse (blank)
reticent quiet, reserved (blank)
nascent coming into being, in early develpmental stages (blank)
obviate to anticipate and make unnecessary (blank)
onerous troubling, burdensome (blank)
enervate to weaken, to redue in vitality (blank)
perspicacious acutely perceptive (blank)
predilection a disposition in favor of something (blank)
prescience foreknowledge of events (blank)
prevaricate to deliberately avoid the truth (blank)
solicitous concerned and attentive, eager (blank)
paean a song/hymn of praise (blank)
perfidy intentional breach of faith (blank)
perfunctory cursory, done without care or interest (blank)
cloister to confine, seclude (blank)
cloying indulgin to excess (blank)
coffer strongbox, large chest for money (blank)
cogent logically forceful, compelling, convincing (blank)
cognomen family name; any name, especially a nickname (blank)
compendious summarizing completely and briefly (blank)
coquette women who flirts (blank)
macabre gruesome, producing horror (blank)
maladroit clumsy, tacktless (blank)
malady illness (blank)
malaporpism humorous misuse of a word (blank)
malediction curse (blank)
obfuscate to confuse, obscure (blank)
objurgate scold (blank)
obloquy abusive language; ill repute (blank)
obsequious overly submissive, brownnosing (blank)
obsequy funeral ceremony (blank)
abjure v. to renounce or reject solemnly; to recant; to avoid the reformed socialite _____ her former lifestyle and all those with whom she had previously associated.
abrogate v. to abolish or annul by authority; put down The court ruling ______ed the defendant's rights to any profit from the sale of the house
abscission n. act of cutting off or removing Dr. Carter recommended an immediate _____ of the abscess in order to minimize any further infection.
abscond v. to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide. Doub was left penniless when the two con men _______ed with his life savings.
accretion n. growth, increased by successive addition, building up Limestone is formed by the _____ of tiny particles from objects such as shells and coral over a very, very long time.
admonish v. to reprove; to express warning or disapproval How many times has your roomate ____ed you to put the toilet seat down?
adroit adj. adept, dexterous Karl had always been an ____ manipulator; even when he was a kid he could get people to do what he wanted.
maladroit clumsy or bungling. Jerry Lewis was able to make a career out of playing _____ maladroit.
adulterate v. to reduce purity by combining with inferior ingredients There was a huge scandal when customers discovered that the health food store had been _____ing the wheat grass juice with clippings from the front lawn.
adumbrate v. to foreshadow vaguely, intimate, suggest, or outline sketchily. The possibilities for further cooperation between the two parties were _____ed at the first, private meeting, but nothing was finalized until much later.
aesthetic adj. dealing with, appreciative of, or responsive to art or the beautiful. Many people say they see no _____ value in modern artwork, claiming the pieces look like a kindergartener's finger painting.
aggrandize v. to increase in intensity, power, or prestige; to make appear greater. The multi-million dollar advertising campaign was part of a plan to _______ the company's stock before it went public.
Created by: carol2428
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