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phys 103 test 1

Which of the following is considered to be in the realm of science? astronomy
In science, every theory must be tested by using it to make... predictions
Which of the following statements would be true of the scientific method? the scientific method is a continuous process by which people learn about the physical universe and share their knowledge with others.
At the time Dimitri Mendeleev produced the first period table of the elements, it was not... the mid 18th century
basic research scientist are interested in inquiry for the sake of acquiring fundamental knowledge
What is SETI? the search for intelligent life
Laws of nature can be characterized by saying that they represent our best understanding of how the universe works in certain circumstances
The scientific method depends on reproducible results
A theory is based on many observations and experiments or tests
Which pair are both examples of pseudoscience? astrology & extrasensory perception
Peer review in science... causes delays between the conclusion of an experiment and the communication of the results
In the mid-nineteenth center, natural philosophers... understood the workings of all the physical universe
Which of the following would be funded by a typical federal grant for scientific research? All of these are correct
What percent of research grants are submitted are federally funded? 10% to 40%
How does science differ from pseudoscience? Scientific hypotheses are always testable
When scientists have finished research and wish to communicate the results, they are most likely to do which of the following? write a concise paper and submit it to a scientific journal
Which statement is true about the discipline of science? Science is a tool for understanding our physical and biological environment
Which statement does not describe a falling object? Time multiplied by a constant squared equals distance
How did Mendeleev organize the periodic table of elements? atomic weight of the element
Determine which of these questions could be researchable using the scientific method. Under what conditions could bass live in a lake?
Which of the following statements is a prediction? High quality balloons filled with atmospheric air will float higher than low quality balloons filled with atmospheric air
Why do scientist reject astrology? There is no evidence that stars can predict the future.
Why is mathematics the language of science? Mathematics allows scientists to be more accurate in describing an observation of nature
How is an hypothesis tested? By 1 and 2, but not 3
Which of the following scientists would study forces of motion in the universe? physicists & astronomers
What did the builders of Stonehenge accomplish? They demonstrated that some natural events are predictable
Ockhams razor is ... philosophy advocating the simplest solutions
Dr. John Snow's research and observations improved the lives of Londons citizens in the 1800s by associating disease with polluted water
The Greeek astronomers' explanation for the celestial spheres did not encompass the phenomenon of retrograde motion
The Ptolemaic theory of the universe includes an unmoving earth at the center
Copernicus hypothesized that... the sun is the center of the universe
The 17th century laws of planetary motion stated that... all planets orbit in elliptical paths
Which scientist would have been most likely to use mathematics in understanding elliptical orbits of planets? Johannes Kepler
Which of the following is most likely to happen to an astronaut during lift off? Blood is drained from the brain
"eighty miles per hour towards the northeast" is an example of... velocity
To calculate the gravitational force between two objects, we need all the following except... acceleration of both objects
What is the rate of acceleration for a car that reaches a speed of three meters per second from rest in ten seconds? 0.3 meters per second
Which of the following is true of the Law of Universal gravitation? Force=big G times mass times mass of the Earth divided by the radius of the Earth squared
The astronomical model placing the Sun at the center of the solar system was resisted hundreds of years because... the Catholic Church banned all discussions of Copernican ideas
Which of the follow is in uniform motion? A train traveling west at 70 mph
Created by: jhsander