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Chapter 2 Quiz

What Triggers a Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage Claim: a)Date when defective Product was Created b)Date when the boldily injury and property damage occured c)Date when Claim was made b)Date when the boldily injury and property damage occured
Under the Pollution Exclusion what would be the list of Exceptions (Per Instructor Big Question on National Exam) 1)Bodily Injury and Property Damage Occured caused by smoke, fumes, vapors,soot 2)Bodily Injry & Property damage resulting from escape of fluids needed to perform normal functions c)Bodily Injury & Property Damage from Hostile Fire releasing pollutants
Employer's Liability Exclusion Name the Two: 1)Dual Capacity Doctrine (Employee sues under the CGL instead of WC revoking rights of WC) 2)Third Party Exclusion: Insured Cont'd to sue that leads up to the Manufacturer
Define Host Liquor Liability Coverage Companies that are not mainly based on Manufacturing and Liquor Sales. Example: Company Hosting a Banquet or Luncheon for Clients and Employees
What is Generally Excluded in Liquor Liability 1)Selling Alcoholic Beverages to a Person under teh age of 21 2)Selling Alcoholic Beverages to a person already intoxicated 3)Through any Statute
Name the two General Exceptions of Contractual Liability (Coverage that was assumed under contract) 1)Liability Portions that did not appear in the License Agreement, where the Claim Exceeds the Agreement 2)Liability Assumed within Contract. Contract has to be Performed Before the Occurence
Name the Types of Contracts (Under Contracual Liability) in the CGL: * Sidetrack Agreement * Contract of Lease Agreement * Easement of License Agreement (X-fer of restricted zones to another party) * Obligation of Municipality * Elevator Maintanance Agreement * Tort Liability Contracts
Territories that Are Covered U.A. and it's Territories: Canada and Puerto Rico. Not Mexico.
Are Animals Considered Bodily Injury or Property Damage Property Damage, Sorry Fido
What Defines the Sidetrack Agreement Work performed Incorrectly, if the Contractor needs to repair the damage
What are the 4 Parts of the Exclusion of Property Damage * Damage to Insured's Own Property(Only Exception is if contents is rented to the name insured) * Coverage to Property Damage that has been sold or goven away * Property Damage in real property caused by sub and contractors and insured * Sidetrack
What are the two exclusions for "Damage Done to teh Insured's Work" 1)When there is damage done to the insured's product itself (no coverage for insured's products) * When it's Work in Progress
Is Electronic Data Covered? No.Because it's Intangible Property
Define "Impaired Property" Tangible Property that cannot be used or less useful because it includes the product that is defective, Loss of Use would be an exception under this Exclusion
What is the Purpose of Exclusion of Bodily Injury under the Personal and Advertising Injury To Eliminate Duplicate Coverage under Coverage A
Define the Exclusions that Do Not have Exceptions: * Worker's Compensation * War * Personal and Advertising Injury * Electronic Data * Distribution of Material in Violation of Statutes
Define Fire Legal Liability: Property that is rented to Insured at the time of Occurence. It only covers portion of the building that is rented to insured, not the whole building
Define Occurence An Actual Single Event of a Bodily Injury or Property Damage Claim, but the total amounts by the end of the policy term cannot exceed the Aggregate
Define the Conditions where Coverage A under Occurence the Insurer would pay the Claim * Damages has to be either Property Damage or Bodily Injury * Occurence within territory * Within Policy Period * Before Policy Period Began, Occurence must not have been known * Bodily Injury and Property Damage caused by Occurence
Define the Montrose Language: In which is considered "Known Loss" because it is a progression of the loss to become an occurence
How Can an Exclusion Provide Coverage Coverage Can be an exception of the exclusion * Through an Endorsement
Define "Amendment of Insured Contract" Endorsement that modifies the defenition of coverage so it applies to the liability "whole or in part". Modifies the CGL
What is the Difference Between War Exclusion and Terrorism Endorsement Terrorism Endorsement: is an optional coverage caused solely by a terrorist group or orginization, cannot be goverment even from a forgein country because that would be considered War Exclusion
If I Bought Pink Hair Dye to Dye my Hair Pink and my Hair Falls off even if I followed all isntructions in the Manual Yes, under Products and Completed Operations.
What was the Whole Point of the fact that we cannot buy Chinese Wallpaper Under the Pollution Exception of Coverage Harmful Chemicals was used to create the adhesive
What is the Exception for the Expected and Intended Injury Exclusion? When the Insured uses reasonable intentional fprce to protect his property and himself
Exceptions of Watercraft Exdclusions: * Watercraft of any size are covered wilst ashore * Non Owned Watercraft 26' and under is covered as long as not carrying ppl for fee * Parking auto on by premises owned by insured * Liability assumed under contract *
Is Uncontrollable Spam Covered No.It is under the Violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act CAN-SPAM Act
What is the Difference Bewteen Mobile Equipment and Auto Motor Vehicles? Mobile Equipment distinguishment applies if there is no licence required, stays on site and requires no registration.
What was the Whole Point of the Man that Worked for Coca-Cola Story, in what type of Claim would it apply? Under the Employer's Liability Exclusion, it would be under the Dual-Capacity Doctrine. Then When the Plaintiff sues Coca Cola because the opener went to the eye for improper bottling that would be under Third-Party Over Action
Created by: rsls80
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