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Alcohols - Unit Two

What does the prefix meth indicate? 1 carbon
What does the prefix eth indicate? 2 carbons
What does the prefix prop indicate? 3 carbons
What does the prefix but indicate? 4 carbons
What does the prefix pent indicate? 5 carbons
What does the prefix hex indicate? 6 carbons
What does the prefix hept indicate? 7 carbons
What does the prefix oct indicate? 8 cabons
What does the prefix non indicate? 9 carbons
What does the prefix dec indicate? 10 carons
What does the prefix cyclo indicate? a cyclic compound
What does the suffix ane indicate? A saturated molecule
What does the suffix ene indicate? An unsaturated molcule
What does the suffix ol indicate? An alcohol
What does the suffix one indicate? A ketone
What does the suffix ioc acid indicate? A carboxylic acid
What does the suffix al indicate? An aldehyde
The number of atoms in a molecule is known as the molecular formula
The arrangement of atoms in a molecule is known as structural formula
Showing all atoms and bonds in a molecule is known as diplayed formula
A molecule with the molecular structures but diferant structures are called isomers
How does solubilty of alcohols change with carbon chain length? It decreases
What is the pH of alcohol? 7
What is the product of reaction between soduim and alcohol? Sodium Alkoxide, hydrogen
What do primary alcohols oxidse to? Aldehydes, then carboxylic acids
What do secondary alcohols oxidise to? Ketones
What is the reagent for oxidation of alcohol? Acidified Soduim dicromate
What condictions are needed to produce Aldehydes? Reactants distilled
What condictions are required to form carboxylic acids? Reactants refluxed
What condictions are required to form ketones? Reactants distilled
How are alcohols dehydrated? Vapour passed over aliminuim oxide catalyst
What is produced when alcohols are dehydrated? Alkene and water
What is the calculation for yeild? Yeild = (Actual yeild / theoretical yeild) x 100
What are the steps involved in lab prep? Write the equation, calcualte moles of reactants, measure out reactants, carry out reaction, seperate product, wiegh and calcualte yield, test product.
Created by: 1988kayla