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RMS exam 1

Goals of Beh Research Description/Predicting/Explaining/Controlling
Scientific Approach Requires Systematic Empiricism/ Public Verification/ Testability
Measurement operational definitions
Theory educated guess
a good theory parsimonious/ falsifiable
proof logical impossibility
disproof practical impossibility
Descriptive research answers "what"- polls
correlational research relationship?
experimental research causes (IV and DV)
quasi-experimental can't manipulate IV
inferential statistics did something happen by chance?
variance amount but not type/ sum(x-Xbar)/n-1
error variance factors not being investigated
Cohen's small .01
Cohen's medium .06
Cohen's large >.15
behavioral measures what subjects do
nominal naming/no order
ordinal order
interval relative distance btw ratings
ratio divide & multiply quantities
most stats measures require at least interval measures
reliability consistency
test-retest reliability same individual test many times= variability btw scores= error variance
interitem relaibility randomly chosen halves have similar
interrater reliability two diff observers' measurements similar
validity variable has been accurately measured and manipulated- logically appropriate
construct validity measurement must asses what you think you are measuring
choose a task for which you will see a _______ of performance range
how to mislead with graphs non-zero/diff scales/average values/log scale
nominal scale calls for mode
standard error s/√n
operational definition specific enough to replicate
induction specific to general
morgan's canon animals non anthropomorphed
error variance pooled
converging operations common conclusions
types of measures physiological/behavioral/self-reports
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