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CELF A1 - set 4

Common English Lexical Framework for A1 (set 4)

At the end of the test ___ your answers carefully. check
Gardening is ___ work. heavy
___ well before using shake
___ the ends of the wires together to make good contact. Twist
sharpen the blade of a ___ knife
eat with a ___ and fork knife
___ fat over a fire melt
pass the ___ please salt
It's very ___ in here. Can you open a window? warm
___ Sir/Madam, I am writing to... Dear
Dial ___ to get an outside line. zero
He wears ___ glasses and a black leather jacket. dark
I heard you were ill. I'm ___ to see you're feeling better now. glad
a ___ fence to keep animals out wire
Emine likes to act so she joined the drama ___. club
??? - ___ a watch, wind tape around the box wind
a ___ of stones pile
Mark had a stiff ___ after playing computer games all night. neck
My sister's dark but my brother's ___. fair
Watch out! Step over that hole in the road. It's very ___. deep
a ___ on a fish hook worm
All students ___ wear the school uniform. must
What is wrong. Can you ___ the mistake? Look carefully. spot
___ cream for the chocolate cake whip
It was a ___ and windy night. There was no moonlight. dark
This is a nice quiet ___. Let's stop here and rest. spot
Can we ___ at the café at 6? meet
They gave me a warm welcome. Everybody was ___ to see me. glad
Without a map, don't go ___ into the forest. You'll get lost. deep
Because of poverty, a person may ___ a bank in order to feed his family. rob
___ a grave dig
aim a ___ at a target gun
Cook on a ___ cooker. gas
___ a hole in the ground dig
Canada is rich in natural resources, especially ___ and water. oil
the ___ COM business model dot
The ship hit a rock and ___ spilled into the sea. oil
Halil is an electrical ___. engineer
blow the ___ whistle
Doctors believe that ___ can cause brain damage. boxing
a ___ coin silver
a wooden ___ handle
Games and activities can ___ children. excite
His green ___ doesn't match his orange shirt. jacket
wear a black leather ___ jacket
a ___ of oil barrel
He wears dark glasses and a black leather ___. jacket
Be careful. The soup is hot. Don't burn your ___. tongue
wear a ___ chain silver
___ an egg into a bowl. Crack
The police inserted a metal ___ in the car door to stop bullets. plate
Good teachers ___ students freedom to make decisions. allow
Fatmia is a ___ child. sweet
Farmers ___ their crops and then pray for rain. plant
Do not copy and ___ your assignment directly from the Internet. paste
Cambridge University ___ publishes many academic books. Press
I need a new a paint ___. brush
Pull the door ___. It doesn't always close properly. tight
Follow the ___ daily. press
Doctors ___ patients in a hospital. treat
She is very image conscious. She always wears ___ clothes. smart
He's a terribly ___ student who is always at the top of the class. smart
We live by a ___. river
The lid of this bottle is screwed too ___. I can't open it. tight
Can you ___ my glass with water? I'm thirsty. fill
Ali is ___ to read and write Arabic. able
Is the post office ___ here? near
Canada is ___ in natural resources. rich
Boats can ___ in a storm. sink
Clint Eastwood used to make a lot of ___erns. west
the car driver blew his ___ horn
I don't eat ___ but I do eat fish. meat
___ and fall down slip
They sell a range of natural products for ___ care. skin
North American natives used bows and arrows to ___ wild animals. hunt
Please ___ we will be closed for two weeks. note
Good ___ in your exams tomorrow! luck
build ___ castles on the beach sand
___ your knees when you lift heavy objects. Bend
___ the mixture into a bowl and stir pour
Can you ___ the table? wipe
There is a full ___ every 28 days. moon
Ali is an ___ student. able
go ___ hunting in fall deer
Banks keep money in large ___s. safe
Ayse is sitting ___ the window. near
My uncle likes to ___ wild ducks and other birds. hunt
You need a special licence to ___ wild animals. hunt
Can you buy a ___ of matches? pack
Kyle has an electric coffee ___ to grind the beans. mill
If you leave work early you can avoid the ___ hour traffic. rush
Farmers harvest their ___ crops in the autumn. corn
The bright sun will fade the colours of clothes hung out to ___. dry
Ship captains always keep a ___ of their journeys. log
Football players were ___s to protect their legs. pad
___ a notice on the board pin
Blue, green and yellow are primary colours. You ___ them to get other colours. mix
clean and ___ the car wax
In the rain, wear rubber boots to keep your feet ___. dry
Be careful the floor is ___. wet
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