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Captious (adj) disposed to point out trivial faults; calculated to confuse or entrap in argument
Disingenuous (adj) not candid; crafty
Equivocate (verb) to use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent
Execrate (verb) to denounce, to feel loathing for, to curse, to declare to be evil
Exacerbate (verb) to make worse or more severe
Execrable (adj) detestable; abhorrent
Exhort (verb) to urge by strong appeals
Extemporaneous (adj) improvised; done without preparation
Encomium (noun) glowing and enthusiastic praise; panegyric, tribute, eulogy
Equanimity (noun) composure; calmness
Eccentric (adj) departing from norms or conventions
Excoriate (verb) to censure scathingly, to upbraid
Expiate (verb) to atone or make amends for
Furtive (adj) marked by stealth; covert; surreptitious
Fulminate (verb) to loudly attack or denounce
Flout (verb) to show contempt for, as in a rule or convention
Gainsay (verb) to deny, to dispute, to contradict, to oppose
Glib (adj) marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial
Froward (adj) stubbornly contrary; obstinately disobedient
Fallow (adj) plowed but not sowed; uncultivated
Ingenuous (adj) artless; frank and candid; lacking in sophistication
Inimical (adj) damaging; harmful; injurious
Innocuous (adj) harmless; causing no damage
Intransigent (adj) refusing to compromise
Irresolute (adj) unsure of how to act; weak
Lubricious (adj) lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery
Minatory (adj) menacing, threatening
Nugatory (adj) trifling; invalid
Officious (adj) too helpful; meddlesome
Obdurate (adj) unyielding; hardhearted; intractable
Obstinate (adj) stubborn; hard-headed; uncompromising
Obstreperous (adj) noisily and stubbornly defiant, aggressively boisterous
Onerous (adj) troubling; burdensome
Opprobrium (noun) disgrace; contempt; scorn
Profligate (adj) excessively wasteful; recklessly extravagant
Prevaricate (verb) to deliberately avoid the truth; to mislead
Predilection (noun) a disposition in favor of something; preference
Palliate (verb) to make something seem less serious, to gloss over, to make less severe or intense
Plangent (adj) pounding, thundering, resounding
Perfunctory (adj) cursory; done without care or interest
Propitiate (verb) to appease; to conciliate
Perfidy (noun) intentional breach of faith; treachery
Profuse (adj) given or coming forth abundantly; extravagant
Placate (verb) to appease; to calm by making concessions
Propensity (noun) a natural inclination or tendency; penchant
Pernicious (adj) extremely harmful; potentially causing death
Putrefy (verb) to rot; to decay and give off a foul odor
Platitude (noun) a superficial remark, esp. one offered as meaningful
Quixotic (adj) foolishly impractical; marked by lofty romantic ideals
Rancorous (adj) characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment
Reverent (adj) marked by feeling, or expressing a feeling of profound awe and respect
Sardonic (adj) cynical; scornfully mocking
Servile (adj) submissive; obedient
Stultify (verb) to impair or reduce to uselessness
Suppliant (adj) beseeching
Salubrious (adj) promoting health or well-being
Salutary (adj) remedial, wholesome, causing improvement
Sedulous (adj) diligent, persistent, hard-working
Sententious (adj) aphoristic or moralistic; epigrammatic; tending to moralize excessively
Soporific (adj) causing drowsiness; tending to induce sleep
Specious (adj) seeming true, but actually being fallacious; misleadingly attractive; plausible but false
Venal (adj) bribable; mercenary; corruptible
Veracity (noun) truthfulness; honesty
Vilify (verb) to defame; to characterize harshly
Virulent (adj) extremely harmful or poisonous; bitterly hostile or antagonistic
Vitiate (verb) to corrupt, to debase, to spoil, to make ineffective
Vituperate (verb) to use harsh condemnatory language; to abuse or censure severely or abusively; to berate
Whimsical (adj) fanciful; unpredictable
Wistful (adj) vaguely longing; sadly thoughtful
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